"Some people had other brands but the style they have are very basic, I wanted something that would attract my eyes and ears more. I saw Soul Performance on Instagram and saw how detail their products are and how prestigious it looked, that grabbed my attention. "…read more


"I'm a super picky, precise, and absolutely a neat freak.  Everything I approach I shoot for absolute perfection.  McLaren fits that mold.  I jumped into my 12C and have been happy since."…read more

PRESS RELEASE: Soul Sponsors Porsche Club Racer Paul Solk

“The Goose Gets Soul” Soul Performance Products is proud to sponsor PCA Club racer and all around outstanding gentleman, Paul Solk. His Boxster has come a long way from an optimized street car to a full on race car, and it’s time for a full race exhaust. We outfitted his 987.2 with our Competition Headers…read more


"I actually had a different brand’s headers and exhaust on my car. Once of my connections on Instagram made the switch from the headers I had to Soul’s Long Tube Competition Headers and was emphatic about how much better SoulPP’s products were. I decided to check out SOUL on my own and was pleased with…read more

CUSTOMER HIGHLIGHT: Jeff / 991.1 Carrera

"I have owned several project cars over the years with the most notable being a 1996 Vortech supercharged VR6 Jetta (and later turbocharged), European inspired MK3 VW Golf VR6, and 2007 VW Golf on airride with GT3 green wheels. Each project was unique and fun but I always wanted a refined sports car from Porsche…read more