TECH TALK: SOUL Signature Satin – Our Exhaust Finish Explained

We’re often asked – what exactly is the finish on your exhausts? Is it a coating? Why not just polish? Isn’t that just sand blasting? Definitely not! SOUL uses a proprietary blend of premium blasting media that was specifically arrived on after much testing to get the look that you see on our systems today.  Let’s discuss the benefits of “Signature Satin”!

During development of our finish, we tested different blasting materials which affect the surface in different ways. One organic material left an inconsistent, undesirable look. Another media during testing was not durable enough and broke down quickly. Our proprietary blend of media and blasting process yields the best possible results and a quality resulting finish that we call “Signature Satin”.

Benefits of Signature Satin:

  • Helps our fabricators to make sure the welding surfaces are free of any contaminants before welding. It’s possible to share tools (wire brushes, sanding pads) across different metal types which embed material like carbon into stainless steel.
  • Environmentally friendly. Polishing metal by hand can create harmful dust that is a skin and lung irritant. Our blasting stations are constantly filtered and regularly changed to ensure consistency and quality. The used media is then recycled.
  • A uniform, desirable looking finish that can be refreshed at any time
  • Allows us to apply the finish in stages during fabrication to minimize machining marks and scratches. It’s very difficult to remove these marks from hard to reach areas on a finished product with hand polishing.
  • Clean and ready for ceramic coating – such as Jet-Hot 1500 Extreme!
  • Allows us to incorporate custom logos into our components as seen below! 

One of the most important benefits during production is that our finish reveals any imperfections in the welding process such as pinholes that may not be noticeable with a polished finish. These imperfections can range from a hole in the weld to just a blemish. While mild imperfections can pass a smoke test they are still a weak point in the weld with potential for failure.

Notice how much more apparent the pinholes in the weld below are with our Signature Satin finish? Our fabricators do not let their work leave the welding table until each weld is perfect as part of our strict quality control process.

We’re also able to refresh old exhaust components! Below is a pair of our 981 Boxster / Cayman Competition Headers that saw almost three years of daily driving in all kinds of weather. We’re able to restore the finish to almost new!

Signature Satin is our signature that every SOUL exhaust component has been thoroughly inspected and finished to our high quality standards. 

Questions? Comments? Let us know!

– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager