This Paint-to-Sample Porsche Sounds as Good as it Looks

Some brands offer the perfect car. Some brands offer the perfect color. For some, that may not be the same brand.

The GT3 Touring pairs the potency of Porsche’s motorsport department with the elegance of a classic 911, and the experience comes to life with the 4.0-liter flat-six mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. For both modern or classic Porsche enthusiasts, it is an ideal package–classically styled with purer engagement, loaded with all the modern technology and performance.

Locking in an allocation for a Porsche GT car has become more of an event over the years, a sought-after opportunity not to be taken for granted. Especially rare is the chance to create the build of your dreams through Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur using the Paint-to-Sample color palette. The freedom to select nearly any possible color for your build is liberating yet surely daunting. For George’s GT3 Touring, none of Porsche’s standard colors were the right one.

San Marino Blue Metallic was the hue that launched the 2012 BMW M6, then later the M4 CS, and remains part of BMW Individual’s color configurator. Porsche itself features a variety of blues available for specification, similarly Gentian Blue Metallic that was made available as standard for the latest iterations of the 911, Boxster/Cayman and beyond. But Porsche’s Paint-to-Sample program isn’t about wowing onlookers with a spectacular color–its goal is to make available THE perfect color, with just the right characteristics to suit the personalities of both car and driver. In just the right lighting, with the right accents and details, some colors just work.

The metallic blue, with silver wheels and a Black/Chalk interior also specified through Porsche Exclusive, created the perfect encapsulation of the GT3 Touring’s elegant ethos. A six-speed manual–previously mandatory now simply an option alongside the fabulous PDK–is surely the centerpiece mounted to the motorsports-derived flat-six. Straight from the factory, some would argue there was no need for improvement. We would disagree.

George had his GT3 Touring shipped directly to us after dealer PDI, with our Valved Exhaust Package ready to install along with an ensemble from Numeric Racing including its shifter package and pedals. George had previously commissioned a custom dual-walled set of chrome exhaust tips for a bespoke touch and the result was as stunning as intended.

But there’s nothing superficial about this build, even if its beauty is enough to swoon. The engagement of the 6-speed GT3 with Numeric upgrades, and the 4.0-liter flat-six at open throttle with our Valved Exhaust means that this 992 will be rewarding to its driver even as he doesn’t get to drool over it from the inside.