About Soul Performance Products

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding parts, fair pricing, and quality service backed up with the best warranty in the industry. Soul Performance was formed by a team of auto enthusiasts with automotive industry experience looking to do the right thing by our customers. We aim to deliver exemplary service worldwide by developing incredible sounding, proven performing components that are always ready to ship to you quickly.



  • Do right by our customers, always – no customer left behind
  • We believe in honesty, unwavering ethics, and transparency as we operate

  • Our product warranty extends longer and broader than our competition

  • We actively participate in the communities we cater to
  • We build connections to further our ability to deliver a premium experience
  • Our passion for cars and the automotive industry drives our business

  • Our experience helps us meet your expectations

  • We listen to our customers and the demands of the market to meet and exceed expectations

  • We want to be our customers first choice without hesitation

  • We consider both quality and pricing to deliver greater value to our customers

  • Our success will be measured by recommendations to other potential clients

FACILITY Soul Performance Products is located in a 15,000 sq ft facility north of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. We make great use of this space to keep our products in stock, ready to ship. Our mission is to quickly get you the parts you need with no delays. Our R&D area is equipped with two BendPak lifts and all tools necessary to allow us to design, engineer, test, prototype, and fixture components. Our shipping area is set up to ensure that all components get a thorough inspection, orders ship complete with all hardware, and that products are well packed.


MANUFACTURING Soul Performance Products is partnered with ISO 9001 Certified aerospace manufacturers, enabling us to work with technology and industrial scale, extreme precision equipment down to +/- 0.002 inches that would otherwise be out of the limits of an exhaust manufacturer. Our capabilities include waterjet and laser cutting, tube bending, CNC machining, robotic welding and much more. We strategically deal with vendors worldwide to find appropriate components, such as high quality HJS HD catalytic converters. Our mission is to provide the best possible results for our customers at great pricing. If you’re interested in participating in new product development or have any customization desires we’re always happy to accommodate wherever possible. Need custom exhaust tips to match your unique build? We can do that.


PERFORMANCE We’re constantly building relationships with shops across the world to prove our products on various dyno setups under different conditions. We don’t want you to take our word for it alone, but allow us to validate ourselves through multiple outside channels as well. If you’re interested in testing our components, do contact us.



VP of Sales and Marketing John@soulpp.com

With over 10 years of production management experienced in the aerospace industry, John followed his passion and took on a role which enabled him to help customers build the cars of their dreams. Now he looks forward to delivering great product and great service at a company built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

John was a very competitive formula circuit racer in his younger years (until the economy took a toll on the sport) and raced an extensive amount of vehicles for fun including his own 944 Cup car, a 1,000 horsepower Super Unlimited class Datsun 240, a spec BMW E30, and many more.


Marketing Manager Mike@soulpp.com

Mike has spent his entire career in the automotive industry – focusing on producing creative, high quality content and collaborating with customers in many roles from sales to marketing. His goal at Soul is to deliver you as much information and media as possible while highlighting customers and their vehicles.

Mike spent years building up a turbo NA Miata from the ground up and now tinkers on his BRZ and mountain bikes.


VP of Development and Manufacturing Max@soulpp.com

Max spends his days manipulating metal into masterpieces. His past experience as fabricator and foreman gives him the ability to craft product from start to finish. “We’re going to make sure it works.” Nothing leaves his work bench until he’s satisfied it will meet expectations, something we can all appreciate!

In his free time Max enjoys building metal figurines from junk bits, playing with his dog, and taking photos at automotive events and during his many travels.


Performance Specialist JohnG@soulpp.com  |  Direct line  267-818-3208

John comes from an extended background of automotive experience – from 6 years of shifter kart racing, 10 year of autocross, endurance racing, and track days with his 987.2 Cayman R. Tracking your car on the east coast? There’s a good chance you’ll run into him either racing or instructing through the PCA. John has also worked at a premier racing shop where he developed hands-on knowledge of suspension, vehicle setup, and the finer details of maximizing performance in all aspects. He is always ready to enthusiastically discuss every aspect of your car from exhaust options to the perfect wheels and everything in between.

John is also building an LS7 swapped ‘98 Camaro Z28 for track days / autox, enjoys daily driving his NA Miata, and thinks that you should call him to chat about upgrading your car!


Research and Development Engineer

Oliver has always loved crafting with his hands and is very happy bringing new products to life at SOUL. His skills in both traditional fabrication and digital engineering make him a major asset to the team and success of our designs.

Over the years his hobbies have included coach building, fabrication, welding, and countless car builds. His hunger for learning new things and bettering his abilities makes him a perfect fit here.


Service Consultant / Fabrication Evan@soulpp.com

With a passion for Ferrari, Porsche and other exotic cars in his blood from the word go, Evan has molded his life and career to match that level of passion.

Backed with a degree in High Performance Automotive Technology, he charged head first into the exotic car aftermarket industry where he directed his passion towards helping owners modify their vehicles specifically how they envisioned them. An expert in exotic cars, Evan then decided to hone his customer service skills as a Service Advisor for both McLaren and Porsche.

Evan is on hand to oversee installations and also puts his passion for fabrication to use in our shop crafting exhaust systems.

In his spare time he enjoys biking, hiking and taking his 4Runner on overland/backcountry adventures, and regrets selling his project E46 M3.