Brixton Forged PF10 Duo Series Wheels for Chevrolet C8 Corvette

The Brixton Forged 2-piece Duo Series advances the technical engineering of their lightweight 1-piece UltraSport+ Series while harnessing its performance and ride quality. The Duo Series features a lightweight mono-center profile which increases dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decrease overall stopping distance.

+  Fits all C8 Corvettes without the need for spacers, alignment, or aftermarket suspension. Fitment is guaranteed for OEM suspension only.

Below are the specs as shown, but your set can be customized to your desires. Let’s build your dream wheels.

Front:  20″ x 9.5″
Rear:  21″ x 12.5″
Finish:  Brushed Olympic Bronze (Gloss)



If you’re looking for an ultra-premium wheel option to perfectly match the looks and performance of your C8 Corvette, the Brixton Forged PF10 2-piece Duo Series wheels hit the mark. As premiere Brixton Forged dealers, we’re happy to help you customize your Corvette with wheels that suite your needs – just contact us!

APP 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Forgings: APP is the same OEM forging supplier for supercar companies such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. APP aluminum forgings are made with extreme pressure and temperatures to create a high integrity, multi-directional grain structure. The aluminum remains solid throughout the process as the forging dies press the aluminum into the cylindrical shape of a wheel. The forging is then spun to create the rim section and the resulting radial grain direction places the highest material strength in the same direction as the operating loads. The result is ‘premium strength.’  APP Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 aluminum forgings guarantee the highest quality and predicable grain structure and are TUV and AS9100-C certified. The result is a superior foundation guaranteed to last, and a trustworthy, high-performing product which meets the highest standards.

Weight Reduction Backpad Pocketing

Backpad Pocketing is the most effective form of shaving dead weight from a forged wheel. Each set of backpad pockets is specifically engineered per application, maximizing the benefits of reducing unsprung mass which result in better handling, braking and acceleration performance.

Titanium Assembly Hardware

In collaboration with RAU Titanium, Brixton Forged proprietary Grade 5 PVD Titanium assembly hardware shares comparable qualities to high strength Grade 8 steel bolts with a tensile strength of 950 MPa. However, our grade 5 titanium hardware is 50% lighter, reducing each multi-piece wheel by over 1lb. at the critical outermost point on the wheel and is corrosion fade resistant.

Two Piece Center Cap Detail

Our 2-Piece center cap allows for another level of finish customization to each wheel set. The outer aluminum center cap ring can be accented to another finish on the wheel or can be customized to stand out or match a feature on the car.


Select from any number of beautiful finishes to suite your desires. Premium two-stage transparent finishes are created through the combination of either high luster 600 grit polished or 120 grit brushed aluminum followed by layers of high quality transparent powder coat combinations. Opaque finishes are solid powder coats hand selected annually by the at Brixton Forged for their aesthetic appeal and durability. They believe in not only offering the most stunning finishes but also valuing the opinions of their global partnerships and unified vision for each season.

ABOUT BRIXTON FORGED:  Brixton Forged wheels are entirely conceived and hand-crafted in their Los Angeles, CA based manufacturing facility. Since the beginning, they have voluntarily chosen to produce locally and as a result, they make full use of the outstanding talents of their engineers and maintain full control over the quality of our wheels at every stage of the manufacturing process. Delivering the finest, lightweight performance wheel in its class, their performance-inspired philosophy has driven them to surpass the limitations defined by traditional wheel companies. Changing with the seasons, each Brixton Forged wheel-set is authentically designed, engineered, manufactured and tested exclusively for you.

SHIPPING:  Average turn around time is 6-8 weeks for custom wheels including building and coating





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