Chevrolet C8 Corvette DSC Sport V3 Controller for MRC Shocks


The easiest, fastest, and best suspension upgrade for your C8 Corvette! The controller, intended for use with the original MRC shocks, replaces the factory suspension control module. The DSC Sport Controller fully and completely interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. Using the DSC Sport tuning software, users have the ability to tune the suspension just like tuning the engine, including full velocity tuning and PTM control.


+  Fits all C8 Corvette vehicles with MRC shocks




The controller serves as an intro package to the DSC Sport system and is perfect for daily drivers and the occasional DE events.

Tables include:
• G Force
• Brake Pressure
• Steering Angle
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Shock Calibration
• Velocity
• Performance Traction Management (PTM)

How do I swap or edit tuning files?

The DSC Sport controller is fully user definable. Download the DSC Sport Tuning Software Installer and follow the installation instructions to access the Tuning Software. From here you can read and edit your current file, write new files to the DSC, datalog, troubleshoot, and more. Check out our Software User Manual for help with navigating the software.

ABOUT DSC SPORT:  Esteemed driver and engineer of TPC Racing, Michael Levitas, founded DSC Sport in 2011 with a vision to advance suspension technology into the digital era. For Levitas, who has an unwavering passion for sports cars and motorsport, track performance and street comfort are not mutually exclusive. For this reason, Levitas set out to engineer suspension solutions that not only provided optimum track performance, but would do so without sacrificing street comfort.

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