Custom ECU Tune Services

Soul Performance Products has a network of reputable tuners to get you taken care of no matter what your car’s setup is – from stock to full bolt ons. An ECU Tune is the ideal way to safely unlock more power and response from your engine.


DimSport’s OBDII handheld flasher called MyGenius is an effective way to upload tunes to your car.  The files are stored on the handheld unit to be able to flash between stock and tuned without the need for a laptop.


  • Increased throttle response, power, and driving satisfaction
  • Dial in your car after aftermarket modifications
  • Prevents check engine lights
  • Soul Performance vets our tuners to ensure the tunes are effective in increasing power without being too aggressive – putting your engine at risk
  • Allows you to revert back to the stock map quickly – and switch back to the tune file just as quickly


Contact us to discuss your scenario – are you looking for more power? Do you have a persistent check engine light? We’ll connect you with a tuner that can meet your needs and deliver a file to you that will transform your car!

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