Porsche 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0L SOUL Competition Over Axle Pipes


The factory over axle pipes have dense particulate filters which heavily restrict the tone and character of the 4.0L engine. SOUL Competition Over Axle Pipes unleash an invigorating note befitting of a naturally aspirated Porsche!

Fits all 4.0L Porsche 718 GT4 / GTS Cayman and Spyder vehicles (2020+) in North America. Most European vehicles have additional monitored ports on the factory pipes.
All Soul Performance Products exhaust components are backed by the industry’s first and finest Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use
+  No check engine light on North American cars
+  Weighs 10.9 lbs / 4.5 kg less than factory exhaust components (12.3 lbs vs 23.2 lb)
+  Designed and built in-house at our Willow Grove, PA facility

Porsche 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0L Drone Reduction Sound Symposer Delete

Easily plug your 718's sound symposer to reduce in cabin drone!

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DEVELOPMENT:  We anxiously analyzed every aspect of the 718 GT4 exhaust system to determine sizing, positioning, and flow characteristics of our components. 3D scanning enabled us to create a perfect bend profile to produce beautiful large radius mandrel bends and a one piece full 2.25″ design. The end result is a highly optimized upgrade for your Porsche for both street and track use! The particulate filters in the factory over axle pipes are the primary area where heat can be stored, upon eliminating them heat shielding is no longer necessary. For those who do want extra protection and a shielding option with added benefits we offer Jet-Hot Extreme 2K ceramic coating.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each set is assembled in house in the USA out of mandrel bent, thick wall .065″” T304L stainless steel. Back purged TIG welding (with ARCAL™ Prime argon gas) ensures proper weld penetration and longevity. Water jet cut flanges are made to ISO 9001:2015 standards with tolerances of +/- 0.003 inches for extreme precision. We fabricate these over axle pipes using thick gauge aluminum fixtures which act as a great heat sink during the welding process and prevent warping not only of our products, but the fixtures themselves to ensure perfect fitment.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each set is rigorously quality-checked, tested in a fixture to guarantee fitment, and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. New high grade hardware is included for installation.

JET-HOT CERAMIC COATING:  With superior thermal management and corrosion resistance properties that lower surrounding temperatures by up to 65%, increased protection from thermal oxidation, galvanic corrosion and the ability to withstand 2000°F surface temperatures, there is no question as to why Jet-Hot Extreme 2K remains the industry leader in exhaust coatings.  An improvement over standard heat shields, ceramic coating is done professionally by Jet-Hot on both the outside AND inside of the exhaust for the best possible heat management. By keeping the velocity of the exhaust high, these coatings actually cause your exhaust gases to flow faster and decrease thermal tumbling which leads to improved power as well. Ceramic coatings keep away oil, gas, salt, and other metal degrading materials that your parts come into contact with every day as an added benefit. Classic Polish is the default finish choice as it is the Extreme 1300 base coat appearance (and most effective without a color top coat) but color top coats are optional with an extended lead time and additional charge.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.


  1. RazzleDazzle (Rennlist)

    Received my over axle pipes from Soul Performance yesterday. Porsche of South Orlando installed for me this morning. Quick and easy install and they told me fitment was perfect. Sound is quite a bit louder, especially when valves open. For sure the valves are more noticeable open to closed with the pipes. Im happy for now, plan to sit back and wait to see what Soul comes up with for rear mufflers. Install pics and quick drive by.

  2. Ledfoot (Rennlist)

    I just got my car back (718 GT4) last week. Soul Performance over-axle pipe, stock exhaust and the valve controller (with fob). Sounds great, valve controller stays set when you shut the car off so always a nice cold start. Sounds great and dont plan on hitting that fob button closed any time soon. No regrets. Modular exhaust components so I can add header and muffler replacement later (probably when warranty is near its end of life). I recommend a BUY

  3. mos996tt (Rennlist)

    Just another happy customer 😜

    for me, just the right amount of noise and burble. Switch to oem for highway.

  4. blraider97 (Rennlist)

    Just picked up the GT4 from having the Soul OAPs installed. Loving it so far. So much better than stock. Now I can’t go under an overpass without revving the piss out of it. LOL!

  5. Porsche444 (Rennlist)

    If there’s one thing I didn’t like about the GT4 is the sound, its just a bit whiny. So, after doing research and picking the best in the industry, I had these installed on Dec 30th and managed to put about 250 mountain carving spirited miles on the car and just WOW!!! At startup, you can just hear the difference, gotta be 30-40% louder and once you hit about 4k+ rpm, this car sounds SO DAMN GLORIOUS!!!!, its is the icing on the cake. Its so much deeper/richer with sound now, its now crackling/popping and making sounds it didn’t before, so it released something within the beast. And i’m not sure if its my mind playing tricks, but i swear it has increased the torque by 10-20, because the car feels faster, just has that extra little punch.

    Cant say enough good things about John Gaydos at SOUL, shout out to him and his amazing team, thanks John!!

  6. HooosierDaddy

    As per usual SOUL delivers! Over Axle Pipes have completely and positively transformed the GT4 with drastically improved sound and I believe more punch to it now. Also ordered the Valve Controller but don’t think I’ll install until I do the rear section. Simply disconnected the factory valves and added the OAP’s…. couldn’t be happier (for the moment).

  7. Abacpm (Rennlist)

    Just installed the Soul Performance Competition Over Axle Pipe ….. sounds amazing … at 4800 rpm it howls …. best money I have ever spent on any exhaust upgrade

  8. bwhip (Rennlist)

    LOVE the way my car sounds with just the Soul OAPs on there, everything else stock. Sounds like a refined sports car, just what I wanted. Nice crackles when on/off the gas at each shift. Minor drone with valves open at around 3500-4000 RPM, easily quieted by closing valves. Sounds badass without being obnoxious as a street car.

  9. jefflj (Rennlist)

    I had Soul OAP’s and value controller installed on my CGTS 4.0 on Friday. First impression? Well, some background first. I traded my 981 CS on the new CGTS 4.0. I was running Fabspeed sport headers and their Valvetronic exhaust. Wanna talk about LOUD when the valves were open… that car screamed. It also had a significant amount of drone, but I lived with it because the car sounded glorious. The wife, however, was not as enthused as I was… she thought it was obnoxious.

    The CGTS 4.0 with the Soul modifications is very different. First, with valves open the sound pitch is much lower than my modified CS. Its a lower, rumbly growl that gets louder and higher pitched as you open up the throttle. It sounds both sporty and aggressive. Second, the volume is not nearly as loud as my CS was, but it is significantly louder than stock… removing the particulate filters brings the exhaust to life. I had my friend drive my car at about 50 mph while I stood along the side of the road. It was noticeably louder than other cars that drove by. I was impressed with the volume… and it also got my wife’s begrudging approval. Lastly, I know folks are concerned about drone. I get it. I lived with drone in my CS for 4 years. IMO, this Soul set up does not have significant, if any, noticeable drone. The sound in the cabin is louder and lower, but it did not resonate.

    Looking for a real increase in exhaust note quality and volume without being obnoxious or having to live with annoying drone? This Soul set up is a great option. You can always do more later if you want a different exhaust note or more volume… but this is a good first step.

  10. IL_Pete (Rennlist)

    The Soul OAPs with the OEM Muffler sounds terrific. A Valve Controller is a MUST HAVE with that setup, IMO. The PSE logic is so frustrating and annoying, as the difference between valves shut and valves open is so big. The difference becomes much bigger with the OAPs installed. So it is much better with the Valves open all the time for spirited driving, shut them in the neighborhood or wherever else you want to keep a low profile.

    I have almost 8K miles on my Cayman GTS 4.0 now, and about 6K of those miles are with that setup, so I have a lot of experience with that setup in a lot of different driving scenarios, with the Soul OAPs, the Soul VC and the Stock PSE. I think that is a great “value” setup, at half the price or less of an exhaust upgrade. Based on my experience, I recommend it very highly, especially for those not wanting to spend a lot of money on exhaust upgrades.

  11. David Lahi (Facebook)

    Just wanted to give an update to people who may be thinking of gaining more power and making their cars sound better. It was hard for me to find this info so I’m excited to share. Just added over axle pipe from soul performance and bmc filters to my 718 already street headers with cats. And WOOOOWW very noticeable difference in power and the car sounds incredible now! Really happy with the gains all around.

  12. Ellipsis1 (Rennlist)

    I had my local shop install the Soul OAP and valve controller for my CGTS 4.0 about 1k miles ago. I absolutely love it. I would say around 30% louder. It does bring out a more raw metallic tone which I like. Under light load/normal driving you’ll hear subtle burbles during shifts or when letting off the throttle. Under heavy load, it absolutely screams and sometimes produces a loud bang/pop when shifting. For me, I wouldn’t want the exhaust sounding any louder. It may be phycological but I want to say there was a noticeable bump in power.

    I would suggest the valve controller. The reason why I installed it was so that I can hear the exhaust note without having to rev up the engine past 4k rpm. Switch to stealth mode and close the valves, the engine itself is louder than the exhaust.

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