Porsche 718 GT4 RS / Spyder RS SOUL Performance Packages


Porsche promised the most capable road-going Cayman variant yet, and we’re making sure to deliver on it. Our comprehensive Performance Packages extract the most power and sound possible through exhaust upgrades to elevate the experience to a level worthy of the RS moniker. Combine unrestricted Competition Headers with your choice of free-flowing Over Axle Pipes and our Valved Exhaust System and expect proven power gains and the motorsports tone of the 4.0-liter flat-six.

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DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING: Porsche’s development and introduction of the 718 GT4 RS signaled the brand’s commitment to extracting the greatest potential out of the mid-engined sports car’s platform. But due to a variety of necessary constraints, there was still something left on the table. Our exhaust solutions aimed to deliver unrivaled sound character from the GT3-derived engine in addition to squeezing out the extra performance available by optimizing each component of the exhaust system. In testing, we could feel the results but couldn’t quantify them—until now.

In an exclusive collaboration, M-Engineering offered us their dyno facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, to test virtually every exhaust configuration we offer for the GT4 RS. Working with local supercar YouTuber Mickey Hernandez (Miami Miles), we were finally able to realize the performance potential that was available, and give customers a neutral viewpoint of what there really is to gain from an exhaust upgrade—whether just a single piece or an entire system.

Our goal when developing the GT4 RS exhaust suite was to maximize tubing diameter to accommodate the increased exhaust flow from the 4.0-liter flat-six. That proved itself in practice when put on the dyno where even our most promising ambitions were realized once the data was returned to us. Every component from our portfolio delivered us positive results, extracting meaningful power in accessible driving conditions. Combining products with our popular packages multiplied those gains by offering generous midrange power and torque and maintaining that throughout the full rev range.

Whether your ultimate goal is sound volume, quality, or additional performance, these tests have validated that the SOUL Performance exhaust suite is capable of ticking every box on the list.

For drivers looking to maximize the capabilities of sound and performance, our Performance Packages extract everything possible from an exhaust upgrade to elevate the experience to a level worthy of the RS moniker. Unrestricted Competition Headers mate to a choice of free-flowing Over Axle Pipes and our Valved Exhaust System, capitalizing on the most sound and performance potential but crucially retaining civility for street use.

The result is a comprehensive solution that generates sound and power gains all the way to redline. Accessible midrange torque and power, the biggest dip in the stock system’s dyno graph, is straightened out to realize a linear increase that maintains an effective delta in the totality of the rev range, even when fitted with our high-flow catted option.

Each component owns a distinct role in achieving these results, beginning with the headers. The factory headers on the GT4 RS cram a lot, including the primary cats, into a small space that sacrifices tubing length and diameter and is a roadblock to power right at the start. Our Competition Headers make no compromise, eschewing those cat cores and using longer tubing and an expanded merge collector to meet the 3-inch flow path of the Over Axle Pipes. The OAPs, in either Competition or Sport configuration, replace dense cat cores and particulate filters and the uncorked exhaust flow delivers an immediate response with aggressive sound and tangible power gains.

Replacing the rear muffler would be the final step to maintaining a full 3-inch flow path as it utilizes full oval tubing to meet that objective while still fitting in the space provided. But it’s also primarily responsible for producing the motorsports character and tone that is famous of Porsche GT cars. Blending the exhaust flow through an x-pipe elicits a smoother high-pitched tone than the factory PSE system with valves open or closed. But the latter condition utilizes the muffler and is assisted by the secondary flow path’s Helmholtz characteristics to provide an effective elimination of exterior volume and interior presence.

For those who truly want it all—the sound, the power, and a measure of cruising comfort—our Performance Packages fulfill every driver’s wish list.