Porsche 981 / 718 GT4 / GT4 RS Alekshop Rear Camber Plates


Expand the performance window of your 981 / 718 GT4 / GT4 RS with the adjustability of the Alekshop rear camber plates. Offsetting the rear strut by 0.5 degrees can fit up to a 305-wide tire without rubbing, optimizing the contact patch while retaining all other OEM characteristics.



With many years of experience setting up suspension on Porsche cars, we saw the need to develop rear camber plates for Porsche GT4 RS and GT4 718/981. This part was designed based on OEM top perch specs but it offers more rear camber to allow fitting wider rear tires. By offsetting rear strut inwards at the top by 0.5 degrees it allows to fit a wider rear tire (305) without rubbing.

Product Details:

  • Aircraft-grade race bearing
  • 0.5 degrees added camber
  • Weatherproof & noise-isolating seal
  • Proper length OEM grade studs
  • Ribbed design for extra strength 
  • OEM-spec 10mm thickness plate 
  • Full range of shock travel 
  • New OEM hardware 
  • No change in ride height 
  • Direct fitment & easy installation