Porsche 987.1 / 987.2 Cayman / Boxster PCS Innovations High Flow Intake


Upgrade your 987.1 with a performance air intake for increase power and intake sound


  • Fits all Porsche 987.1 and 987.2 Cayman / Boxster (Base / S) models (2005-2012)
  • 3D printed tubing offers smooth bends and unrestricted air flow
  • Adds around 12 whp and increases engine note in cabin
  • Lifetime filter is washable and re-oilable
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This high flow cold air intake was custom designed specifically for the 987 Porsche Cayman, Cayman S, Boxster, and Boxster S. The included cone shaped air filter is relocated from the stock location to inside of the left rear fenderwell, which is better shielded from heat by the included reflective radiant barrier. The larger diameter tube flows much more freely than the restrictive stock intake and mounts to the original mass airflow sensor housing location, which allows this intake to work with both stock and aftermarket intake plenums.

This intake setup was designed specifically to reduce turbulence as much as possible. Traditional intake setups will use parts that are pieced together with drastic changes in diameter where one component mates with the next. The inside diameter of each mating component has been designed to match the inside diameter of its mating component. The matching diameters remove turbulence from the intake setup and promotes efficiency in the airpath. This leads to faster intake flow, as well as more accurate readings from the Mass Airflow Sensor.

The stock intake path is blocked by a restrictor plate that can be removed and is typically referred to as “desnorking”. While many have not had issues with driving their Caymans or Boxsters after desnorking, there is potential for water or debris to enter into the area where the air filter is located. A custom trim and screen setup is provided that adds an additional path for air flowing towards the air filter while keeping the filter dry and free from debris. With the stock setup, air is required to flow around the outside face of the restrictor plate, through a 180 degree bend, and then immediately through another 90 degree bend before it can reach the air filter. This modified restrictor plate allows air to flow through this stock air path, but opens up a second flow path that bypasses both of the harsh bends.

The PCS Innovations intake and modified restrictor plate have previously provided additional 12 whp on a 987.1 Boxster S with the factory sport exhaust (as seen below). Stock cars without the factory sport exhaust may not see the full 12 whp gain after installation, while an aftermarket plenum, exhaust setup, or tune may provide additional performance. An added benefit of the PCS intake is the 1.3 lbs weight savings compared to the bulky stock setup! Additional intake noise will be heard and even more weight can be saved if the sound deadening above the new filter location is removed.

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