Porsche 987.1 Boxster / Cayman SOUL Competition Headers


Offering the greatest gains in power and sound, SOUL Competition Headers for the 987.1 Boxster / Cayman are an excellent performance upgrade from the heavy and restrictive stock manifolds. You’ll notice the weight savings, decreased operating temperatures, and improved engine response all while separating your car from the crowd with the increase in tone.

+  Fits all Porsche 987 Cayman / Boxster vehicles (2005-2008)
+  Direct bolt on installation – instructions included
+  Constructed from mandrel bent 14-16ga T304L stainless steel tubing
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

Porsche 987.1 Boxster / Cayman OEM Header Gasket Set

Optional genuine OEM replacement gaskets to replace your old or worn gaskets.

Porsche 987.1 Cayman / Boxster Softronic ECU Tune

Unlock extra power and increased response with a Softronic ECU Tune! Safely enhance the enjoyment of your vehicle with no drawbacks. Make the most out of your SOUL performance upgrades through software optimization, and select from a variety of custom features such as neutral free-revving, unlimiting top speed, engine code clearing for track use, and more.

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CONSTRUCTION:  Our precision engineered headers are meticulously fabricated from T304L stainless steel. Proven design elements including port matched flanges, smooth radius primary tubing, and collectors that optimize the exhaust flow all work in conjunction to maximize power gains. Every set is rigorously quality-checked prior to shipping.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each header set is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts.

987.1 SPEC CAYMAN LEGAL MODIFICATION:  SOUL was approached by key members of PCA Club Racing to provide a solution to the constant failures of the 987.1 Spec Cayman series (SPC) factory headers. They were constantly cracking and blowing out the cat core, costing series participants track time, points, time, money, and frustration. SOUL Competition Headers are now the exclusive, class legal 987.1 Cayman header replacement with a Lifetime Warranty for track use.

Section I of SPC Class Rules 2020, Engine section: Exhaust System. Exhaust manifolds must remain stock or may be the Soul header (P/N POR.9871.COH) may be
substituted. The tailpipe beyond the manifold assembly flange is free as long as the twin exhausts emerge in the stock
location at the rear. Modifications can be made to exhaust sensors to prevent a check engine light from coming on as a
result of exhaust changes. The required stock exhaust manifold (headers) may be externally wrapped.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?:  This product may trigger a check engine light due to removal of factory catalytic converters. O2 Spacers are available to reduce any chances of triggering a CEL. We suggest a custom ECU tune to disable any check engine lights (for track use only).

+  This product is not CARB certified and may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles; intended for off road use only
+  United States based customers purchasing this product are required to sign our Catless Exhaust Component Waiver here.


  1. Drew Woodside

    Would like to make a mention to SOUL Performance for the amazing quality and excellent customer service. This Pennsylvania based company recently opened a brand new state of the art facility in Willow Grove. From the point I showed up til the time I was ready to come pick the car up, they gave me step by step updates on everything they were doing with the car. The quality of the exhaust is second to none and the sound couldn’t be better. The car received the cat-less competition headers along with the back section with a upgraded muffler to reduce the drone. The tone is absolutely amazing, and the drive ability of this exhaust is amazing. I would recommend them to anyone.

  2. Kamran

    I installed the Soul Performance Cat back system almost a month ago. As reported by a number of people already, I was happy to confirm the built quality, efficient design plus service and support I received from Soul Performance, especially John @ SoulPP

    As the cat back system broke in over 12-15 heat cycles, some of the initial sound resonation issues I had went away but I was still getting what some may describe as slight drone under extreme loads (flooring gas at 2000-2300 rpm in 3rd , 4th gear). I reached out to a few people and I was told to replace the 152,000 mile old Stock Headers. The Cats in my headers have been shot for a long time and I needed to get new headers anyways.

    Happy to report that adding the headers to the cat back absolutely fixed any / all resonation issues I was having.. and let’s remember, I have a 152,000 mile otherwise stock car with tired and old stock suspension , trunks seals etc so in my opinion that says a lot about how well designed this product really is.

    I share this with great humility, but I have been “modding” and tuning Cars and Sport bikes for close to 30 years, and I can say this with absolute confidence that Soup Performance Full Exhaust system is hands down the Best system I have ever added to any of my vehicles. To reiterate, there is no “….given the price” or “…for the money” at the end of that statement. It is the best I personally have tried…. period.

    Sound: I was extremely skeptical of the videos on youtube as sound can be manipulated, most microphones don’t ever pick up accurate real world exhaust sound. I also heard one of the users on youtube use a phrase ( Ferrari like Wail ) that sounded like a lot of exaggeration..
    Well, happy to report that I was wrong! I really have no other ways to describe the WOT sound you get after 4000-ish RPM.. Ferrari F430 like wail..
    I don’t know how its possible to get that kind of exotic sound from a flat 6.. but the folks at Soul have found a way.

  3. mgarcia048 (Planet9)

    I’d like to thank Mike from Soul Performance for hooking me up with catless race headers for my cayman. I’d like to take a second to review the product.

    These headers are made with precision and accuracy. The welds were clean uniform and bolted right up to the car with my custom exhaust. No giggling, no force required to make it fit. Just slipped right in. The headers are also very beefy yet lightweight, from the flanges to the tubing I feel like they can withstand the rigors and heat of the racetrack. The inlets of the header ports are very smoothed match the ports on the block well. They also incorporated a merge collector, an important detail in header design to extract good power. The header is finished with a satin silver that looks amazing, it almost a shame I will have to wrap them in the future lol.

    I can’t comment on power as I didn’t dyno the car and had alot of other modifications done to the car at the same time unfortuantely.

    Honestly, this is best sounding car I have ever had. It just sounds exotic, not like a V6 or the grunt of V8. Very aggressive and high pitched. The tonality of that sound changes with rpm. At low rpm it has it mean burble but as it revs it sings in high pitch. The most amazing sound is when turning out of corner 17, grazing the outside wall, the sound reverberates of the wall.

    Overall these headers were a great buy and highly recommend them to anyone!

  4. Haris Agovic

    These headers are made well, no issue with an installation as instructions were included in the package as well as gaskets and all hardware. Headers bolted easily, no modifications needed, great lightweight construction.

    I was immediately able to see an increase in power and my Cayman S was much smoother. I cannot comment what’s the increase in horsepower but for instance, I was on the highway as well as back roads and definitely can see the improvements.

    I was standing next to my friend with his 2007 Carrera S with non-Soul headers and different exhaust than myself. We’ve started cars simultaneously and my Cayman S sounded was a little bit better—he even admitted it. There is no exhaust drone whatsoever and it’s sounds phenomenal, yet not loud inside of the car. I’m able to be on my phone and hold a normal conversation with a passenger with no issues.

    Lastly, these headers are simply the best upgrade you can have for your car and I wish I would have done it sooner than few months ago. Highly recommended product.

    Thank you

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