Porsche 991 Turbo Competition Package

Unleash more power from your 991 Turbo by pairing our Competition X-Pipe Exhaust System with a bespoke tune designed to extract maximum power from our hardware.

COBB Accessport (with free SOUL map) is available exclusively through

http://rttuning.com/ |   215-855-5565 |  sales@rttuning.com



DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  We wanted to get as aggressive as possible while minimizing drone with our exhaust – greater volume with a greater amount of pops and burbles on deceleration. Support for high power was another consideration – necessitating 3″ tubing. We experimented with adding a mixing chamber into our X-pipe design. Analysis in 3D CAD software showed a general increase in velocity gained downstream of the mixing chamber across a band of measured pressure and temperature levels. This produces optimal flow characteristics, reduced backpressure for higher HP, and enhances the sound quality of the system. We trusted R/T Tuning to develop a custom tune to pair with our hardware to extract maximum power, drivability, and reliability. R/T Tuning has been building, aligning, maintaining, and tuning vehicles at their facility for well over a decade, and the Accessport makes tuning and monitoring your vehicle easy.



POWER:  Testing was performed on a Mustang Dyno at R/T Tuning. Baseline power with SOUL Competition X-Pipe Exhaust System was 542 whp and 629 ft-lbs of torque. A COBB Accessport base map pushed power to 581 whp and 733 ft-lbs of torque. A custom Protune pushed peak power to 606 whp and 749 ft-lbs of torque!

TOTAL PEAK POWER GAINS: +64 WHP and +120 ft-lbs of torque

COBB Accessport (with free SOUL map) is available exclusively through R/T Tuning

http://rttuning.com/ |   215-855-5565 |  sales@rttuning.com



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