Porsche 987.2 / 981 / 991.1 Carrera 3.4L / 3.8L Dundon Motorsports Intake Runners


Dundon Motorsports Intake Runners offer gains of over 45 max wheel horsepower by tuning the intake runner geometry. The extension of the torque curve in high RPM will make an incredible difference in the drivability of your Porsche.


  • 987.2 Boxster / Cayman S 3.4L
  • 981 Boxster / Cayman S 3.4L
  • 981 Cayman GT4 3.8L
  • 991.1 Carrera 3.4L / 3.8L


Using science and engineering to increase performance is what Dundon does and the Dundon Intake Runners are no exception.  Through careful design of the intake runner geometry they were able to add 30+ peak wheel horsepower on top of their already potent race headers and tune.  By extending the torque curve they increased power substantially all the way to redline, over 100whp gains at 7,850 RPM.

We set up testing with a SOUL dealer, Apex Autowerks to use their 981 Cayman S to get before and after dyno numbers. The car is equipped with SOUL Competition Headers and SOUL Bolt-On X-Pipe With Tips. By adding Dundon Intake Runners and some meth injection to maintain temperatures as it is a track car – you can see peak pains of 31whp and max gains of around 45whp.  These are results you can feel and the car pulls hard to redline now instead of falling down at 6,000 RPM.  These results are similar for 987.2 3.4L as well.

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ABOUT DUNDON:  Dundon Motorsports was born out of three car-enthusiast’s passion to offer the very best of everything to the motorsports world.  The best parts.  The best performance.  The best service.  All in a fun and welcoming environment.