Raceseng Porsche PDK Shifter Paddles


Form and function unite with Raceseng shifter paddles for Porsche’s PDK based vehicles. These paddles are designed to accentuate the OEM paddle form while enhancing the driver’s connection to the car. A common problem on the Sport Design 2 steering wheel is the distance between the paddles and the steering wheel. Raceseng shifter paddles extend the top and bottom of the paddle allowing for an improved ability to grab the gears no matter where your hands are on the wheel.


The Porsche PDK shifter paddles fit all vehicles that have the Sport Design 2 steering wheel with aluminum paddle shifters:

• 2016-2019 Porsche Cayman and Boxster S \ GTS \ GT4 (981 \ 718)
• 2016-2019 Porsche 911 Carrera \ Turbo
2017-2019 Porsche GT3 (991.2)
2018-2019 Porsche GT3 RS (991.2)
• 2016-2019 Porsche Cayenne (958.2)
• 2016-2019 Porsche Panamera (971)
• 2015-2019 Porsche Macan



PROCESS:  CNC Sculpturally Machined. The backside of the paddle features a unique machined texture. The goal was to create a cnc machined texture that would act as a subtle and unobtrusive grip.

FINISH:  After machining, the shifter paddles go through multiple stages of finishing from vibratory tumbling, to media blasting by hand to their unique anodizing process. The final result is a gorgeous part with perfectly radiused edges and a satin anodized finish that feel incredible to the touch.

MATERIAL:  6061 T6 Aluminum

MOUNTING:  The shifter paddles mount to the backside of the OEM paddles and are attached using double sided 3M VHB tape. The 3M tape used is engineered exactly for this application and is laser cut for precise fitment. Once the tape is bonded, it is rigidly connected to the OEM paddles but the connection is not permanent, the paddles can be removed if need be.

ABOUT RACESENG:  The birth of Raceseng dates back to 2005 when a father and son were inspired to merge their combined design, engineering and manufacturing skills with their passion for racing. With a legacy of racing history dating back to 1957, the driving goal was to create a company that embodied their passion and knowledge to completely design, develop and manufacture a line of high performance automotive products.

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