Titan 7 T-S5 Forged Wheels for 987 / 981 / 718 Boxster / Cayman


The Titan 7 T-S5 is a fully forged wheel designed completely with performance in mind. Pressurized with 10,000 TONS of industry leading pressure to give you a wheel that is incredibly strong while giving you all of the performance attributes you need in a track focused wheel.

+  Fits all 987.1 – 718 Boxster / Cayman without the need for spacers, alignment, or aftermarket suspension. Fitment is guaranteed for OEM suspension only.




If you’re looking for a fully forged, durable track worthy wheel option to perfectly match the looks and performance of your Porsche, the Titan 7 T-S5 Forged wheels hit the mark. As premiere Titan 7 dealers, we’re happy to help you customize your Porsche with wheels that suite your needs – just contact us! The pictured 981 Cayman is equipped with 18″ wheels in machine black finish.

WEIGHTS:  18×9″ – 17.1 lbs, 18×10″ – 18.9 lbs

RECOMMENDED TIRE SIZES:  245/40/18 front 275/35/18 rear for 18″

 Upon close inspection you will notice strength adding ridges which have been strategically placed to give the wheel rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. The split 5 spoke design was chosen for its motorsports heritage and track worthy structure. Each wheel from Titan 7 features traction improving bead seat knurling, beefed up inner rim flange for durability and strength, and logo machined accents. The T-S5 is designed for each application to clear all popular after market big brake kits while achieving maximum concavity. All wheels are durability tested according to JWL standards to ensure safety while you perform. Authentic performance from Titan 7. Forged for All.

All Titan 7 Wheels are Fully Forged. The wheel starts out as an aircraft grade solid cylinder of 6061 Aluminum. They pressurize the cylinder with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure to give the wheel its basic shape while improving the grain structure and overall properties of the high grade aluminum. Absolutely no porosity and a densely organized microstructure allow for amazing designs, weight, and strength compared to flow formed or cast wheels. Cast wheels are OK for street use, however, when it comes to performance / track settings the potential porosity of the wheel, especially on lower end cast wheels may cause cracks which is dangerous. Imagine pouring pancake batter into a bowl, you see air bubbles form.


Gear Cut Knurled Bead Seat 

For optimal tire to wheel contact which improves traction.

Rigid Spoke Tracer

For optimal tire to wheel contact which improves traction.

Weight Optimization

All areas of the wheels have additional machining to remove weight without sacrificing durability


ABOUT TITAN 7: Titan 7 is a no compromise wheel company with over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. They are performance minded with varied experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and after market supply.  After working with some of the industry’s top wheel brands, they felt that it was time to make their own mark and improve on all areas of wheel supply. Titan 7 put all of their effort into rethinking every part of a wheel brand. From the engineering, design, manufacturing, value, packaging, and even how the wheels are sold – they know we can do better for the industry. They’ve done their best to to make Titan 7 forged wheels a brand that anyone can buy and be proud of. FORGED FOR ALL.

SHIPPING:  Titan 7 wheels are often in stock and can ship quickly. If not in stock, 4+ weeks is an average lead time. We recommend contacting us prior to order to ensure you will receive them in a timely manner.




  1. christopher cundiff

    Wow, I’m a little surprised not to see many reviews on the T-7’s!
    I’ve had these wheels for two years now and couldn’t be happier!!! The noticeable performance increase is certainly worth the amazing price. The factory cast wheels are heavy by comparison, and the car feels ‘floaty’ at speed. The T-7’s spin up noticeably faster, lower the car, and make the car feel so much more planted at speed! (Road Atlanta back straight). I’m considering a second set for daily tires, the one set I have are wrapped with Conti ExtremeForce 200’s. (wear like iron!)
    The T-7’s fit easily over my 2.5L GTS factory brake set (911 Carrera’s).
    I highly recommend the T-7’s to anyone looking for a great set of forged wheels!

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