Do you participate in any racing events / track days?

Absolutely, we are avid and well rounded motorsports enthusiasts. Our team members have experience in a variety of motorsports activities, some of which have been nationally ranked in Spec 944 and Shifter Kart racing. We have a team member currently competing in AER and Lemons endurance racing, and schedules 40+ days at various Motorsports events…read more

What is your warranty policy?

From day one we’ve had an industry leading Lifetime Warranty for original owners on all of our exhaust components. The HJS catalytic converters have a 3 year warranty and we will replace them once at our cost as long as no leaded / race fuel is used or no physical damage is present. We approach…read more

Why do you show dyno results from independent / third parties?

We believe in real, repeatable results. We do not manufacturer numbers or dyno charts to mislead or inflate advertised performance gains – when you think about it, what’s stopping anyone from doing that? While we often incorporate dynos into our development process, we like to show results from third parties that are authentic and realistic…read more

What does it mean when you say you foam pack your exhausts?

The foam packing process involves two different chemicals being injected into a bag. When mixed, these chemicals turn to foam and expand. When packing, we place our components into an appropriately sized box and surround them with the bags to support and lock each part into place so that they do not touch and have…read more

Do you have a fitment guarantee?

We don’t have a company policy guaranteeing fitment. We design and build our systems using thick, high grade aluminum fixtures to ensure the best proper fitment. We do everything we can on our end to make sure our components fit. If there is ever an issue, we will work with you with the utmost courtesy…read more

What project cars have you built?

987.2 Cayman R which is being built up for track duty 987.2 Cayman S which enthusiastically sees daily driven street action 83’ 944 cup car build. full cage suspension etc Several 944 street cars 1990 Miata with homemade GT2560R turbo setup so clean you could eat off it Integra GSR, Honda CRX Si with B16A…read more

Why don’t you build product X out of titanium too?

Titanium is incredibly light weighing in at almost 45% less than stainless steel and also looks fantastic as it turns colors when ran hot, but it also has limitations. Titanium exhausts usually have thinner walls than stainless steel which can lend a more aggressive, metallic note which in some cases is not desirable. Titanium is…read more

Will you build me a one off exhaust?

Thank you for thinking of us! This would be difficult for us as we are primarily focused on the production of our existing products which we try to keep in stock whenever possible and developing new products as part of our R&D schedule. Building a one off exhaust would take a lot of time from…read more

How do you determine the pricing on your products?

One of our original promises and reasons for founding SOUL was to deliver fair pricing and we do that by running very lean. We do our best to fight all price increases by ordering individual components in bulk and increasing our efficiency as we go. Like all businesses we’re engaged in a daily balancing act…read more

Do you warranty your systems for track use?

Not only do we warranty for track use – we encourage it under our Lifetime Warranty! The exception to this is the HJS catalytic converters – they are covered as long as physical damage does not occur or leaded gas/race gas/additives are not used. We build our systems for longevity and to withstand the abuse…read more

Do you have any dealers and recommended installers near me?

Our dealer network is always growing and we’re constantly adding new dealers and installers to our Dealer Locator map here. If we don’t have a solution near you, please contact us and we will assist you in finding a suitable dealer and or installer for your modifications.…read more

What are your hours? Are you open on weekends?

Our posted hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time. That said, we’re often in early, usually stay late, and can be available on weekends with advance notice. If you need after hours help, we are sometimes able to remotely answer incoming phone calls and we also respond on the forums…read more

Can I pick up exhaust parts from you?

Yes you can. We highly recommend calling before visiting to make sure we have that particular component / configuration ready to go. We keep some components built but not 100% finished until receiving your order request. Some systems – like our titanium exhausts – are built to order and are usually marked as such on…read more

Do you do tours of your facility?

We can. We ask that you contact us to schedule a visit if possible as we’re often very busy and the fabrication team needs to be aware of anyone entering the production area.…read more