Is there an easy way to reduce drone in my 718 GT4 / Spyder/ GTS?

Yes, actually, there is! You can quickly cap off your sound symposer – a built in system which pipes engine sound into your car. When running aftermarket exhaust components you may find you no longer desire this effect. We sell a sound symposer cap kit which can be installed in around an hour and is…read more

How are you involved in the Porsche community?

We are first and foremost Porsche owners and enthusiasts. You will see across various social media outlets that we chime in on a consistent basis not to sell, but to educate and be active members of the community. We have even started a Facebook group called Porsche Performance/Modifications to bring together key players and enthusiasts…read more

Should I upgrade the center muffler or side mufflers on my GT3?

Depends on your goals! We’ve outlined all of the differences in this blog post here to help you make a decision. If that doesn’t clear it up, call us to chat! We have extensive professional experience building GT3 cars for both street and track use and we are well qualified to answer all of your…read more