Do you have a fitment guarantee?

We don’t have a company policy guaranteeing fitment. We design and build our systems using thick, high grade aluminum fixtures to ensure the best proper fitment. We do everything we can on our end to make sure our components fit. If there is ever an issue, we will work with you with the utmost courtesy and speed to establish what is causing the fitment issue – and we mean it. We’ve seen scenarios such as parts installed incorrectly, alignment issues due to other existing components being tweaked, and some of our customers have found damage to their vehicles that they didn’t even know about which are causing the issues. Long story short, we don’t have a blanket one size all policy to cover fitment, but we will go out of our way to rectify any scenario caused by us at our cost to ensure you are made right. Worried about having an issue? Don’t be, our customer service is our right to exist. Having an issue? Call / email / or chat us and let’s get started on sorting out why.