Do you participate in any racing events / track days?

Absolutely, we are avid and well rounded motorsports enthusiasts. Our team members have experience in a variety of motorsports activities, some of which have been nationally ranked in Spec 944 and Shifter Kart racing. We have a team member currently competing in AER and Lemons endurance racing, and schedules 40+ days at various Motorsports events every season. Our marketing manager has over a decade of experience covering track events from grassroots drifting to professional rally racing as a published photographer. SOUL also sponsors and helps run the novice program for the private track group TrackXperienz in the NY/NJ/PA area at tracks such at New Jersey Motorsports Park and New York Safety Track. We have a PCA trained National Instructor that volunteers at all of Riesentoter PCA’s track events to work with new and improving drivers in the club. To fill in the blanks, we also enjoy autocrossing, drag racing, karting, and wrenching on our cars ourselves.