How do your bolt in X-pipes for Porsches compare to factory? Do cast X’s flow worse than stock or the competition?

We guarantee you no flow data exists which can substantiate said misleading claims. It’s like a power claim with no dyno chart for verification. If cross talk of exhaust gases caused a gratuitous power loss in this manner, someone should report this to Porsche immediately given the design of their tip section!

Our cast X-pipe allows for a smooth transition into and out of the X section. The casting of the interior is also smooth, without any protrusions from welds. A proper back purged weld with full penetration will most likely have some material on the backside in the X. Non-cast designs can  and have failed at this point due to stress and possibly lack of proper welding techniques. We’ve made a very conscious decision to offer the most durable X solution possible with our customers in mind. We’ve also been using these X-sections with great success on our full line of Boxster / Cayman exhaust systems which are proven to perform, and warrantied to do so on the track for life! Cast components such as this have been proven for years in OEM applications and by an aftermarket performance staple in the industry for intake plenums and throttle bodies, IPD Plenums.

To be realistic, the effects of any x-pipe would be small to where the any power gains or losses would not be felt. You can expect a smoother exhaust note and we have a wealth of tip options with customization available to have your tips built exactly how you see fit.