What is PVD coating and why do you use it for your tips?

Physical vapor deposition is the process of vaporizing metal in a high vacuum environment and depositing it on electrically conductive materials yielding a microns thick finish with a very durable bond. PVD coatings vary in their function and properties as well, from coefficient of friction to hardness. Cutting tools benefit from abrasion resistance and cutting tools achieve maximum efficiency. It’s also often used on gun slides to lower friction for less resistance and heat buildup. You’ve most likely seen it used on one of your cars as most black OE tips are chrome tips finished with a black PVD coating!

Powder coating would not suffice as it is not able to withstand the heat of an exhaust system nor does it adhere well to hard edges where it can crack. Ceramic coating will offer heat protection, but is much thicker and does not look uniform in appearance.  It also makes doing logos more difficult. 

As they are so thin, PVD coatings can take on the properties of the surface underneath. Our Signature Satin finish will result in a black satin finish while the polished logo section will end up black chrome in appearance. Our polished chrome tips take on a black chrome like finish.

We use PVD coating due to the high quality of the finish not only in terms of appearance but durability as well.