One of our original promises and reasons for founding SOUL was to deliver fair pricing and we do that by running very lean. We do our best to fight all price increases by ordering individual components in bulk and increasing our efficiency as we go. Like all businesses we’re engaged in a daily balancing act to pay employees and bills while leaving enough money left over to continue to grow and not only offer more products, but better products – faster, with increasing levels of service. We’re not trying to push our profit margins as high as possible to take advantage of the market. We’re not driving Lamborghinis, and we’ll probably never be answering your emails from a yacht – but making people happy is our reward and that drives us and our business forward every day. We’ll continue to try and offer a premium experience at the best possible price and appreciate you choosing us to enhance your vehicles!

Absolutely, we are avid and well rounded motorsports enthusiasts. Our team members have experience in a variety of motorsports activities, some of which have been nationally ranked in Spec 944 and Shifter Kart racing. We have a team member currently competing in AER and Lemons endurance racing, and schedules 40+ days at various Motorsports events every season. Our marketing manager has over a decade of experience covering track events from grassroots drifting to professional rally racing as a published photographer. SOUL also sponsors and helps run the novice program for the private track group TrackXperienz in the NY/NJ/PA area at tracks such at New Jersey Motorsports Park and New York Safety Track. We have a PCA trained National Instructor that volunteers at all of Riesentoter PCA’s track events to work with new and improving drivers in the club. To fill in the blanks, we also enjoy autocrossing, drag racing, karting, and wrenching on our cars ourselves.

We believe in real, repeatable results. We do not manufacturer numbers or dyno charts to mislead or inflate advertised performance gains – when you think about it, what’s stopping anyone from doing that? While we often incorporate dynos into our development process, we like to show results from third parties that are authentic and realistic numbers you could get if you were to dyno your own car at a shop. Interested in helping us get more results on your own car? Let’s chat about incentivizing you to do so, the community can always benefit from more information.

From day one we’ve had an industry leading Lifetime Warranty for original owners on all of our exhaust components. The HJS catalytic converters have a 3 year warranty and we will replace them once at our cost as long as no leaded / race fuel is used or no physical damage is present. We approach warranty issues with a very open and friendly mindset, we’ll make sure you are taken care of. You can read all the details on our warranty here.

987.2 Cayman R which is being built up for track duty

987.2 Cayman S which enthusiastically sees daily driven street action

83’ 944 cup car build. full cage suspension etc

Several 944 street cars

1990 Miata with homemade GT2560R turbo setup so clean you could eat off it

Integra GSR, Honda CRX Si with B16A swap and all the mods during the Fast and Furious days when that was acceptable

98’ Camaro with built LS7, amazing suspension setup – class winner in autocross

E46 M3 – oh how we miss it

94’ White Performance 700 hp SBC Camaro drag car

1 Rabbit, 2 Beetles, 4 Jettas, 5 GTI

Subaru BRZ, WRX, Legacy – all with intact pistons and transmissions

80’ Jaguar XJ6 with 350 swap

The foam packing process involves two different chemicals being injected into a bag. When mixed, these chemicals turn to foam and expand. When packing, we place our components into an appropriately sized box and surround them with the bags to support and lock each part into place so that they do not touch and have adequate protection during shipping. The foam offers strong resistance to crushing or puncturing during transit. It’s very important to us that we take every precaution to have your exhaust components arrive in perfect condition.

We don’t have a company policy guaranteeing fitment. We design and build our systems using thick, high grade aluminum fixtures to ensure the best proper fitment. We do everything we can on our end to make sure our components fit. If there is ever an issue, we will work with you with the utmost courtesy and speed to establish what is causing the fitment issue – and we mean it. We’ve seen scenarios such as parts installed incorrectly, alignment issues due to other existing components being tweaked, and some of our customers have found damage to their vehicles that they didn’t even know about which are causing the issues. Long story short, we don’t have a blanket one size all policy to cover fitment, but we will go out of our way to rectify any scenario caused by us at our cost to ensure you are made right. Worried about having an issue? Don’t be, our customer service is our right to exist. Having an issue? Call / email / or chat us and let’s get started on sorting out why.

Titanium is incredibly light weighing in at almost 45% less than stainless steel and also looks fantastic as it turns colors when ran hot, but it also has limitations. Titanium exhausts usually have thinner walls than stainless steel which can lend a more aggressive, metallic note which in some cases is not desirable. Titanium is also around three times as expensive which can move it out of most people’s considerable price range. Titanium systems that are constructed of pie cuts (small pieces welded together instead of bends) have many welds and consequently heat affected zones which if not done properly could all be potential points for failure. We offer titanium very strategically on some of our higher end exhausts where performance and lightness can be gained and the price point is justifiable for the class of vehicle.

Thank you for thinking of us! This would be difficult for us as we are primarily focused on the production of our existing products which we try to keep in stock whenever possible and developing new products as part of our R&D schedule. Building a one off exhaust would take a lot of time from the R&D team to evaluate and produce a top quality exhaust for your vehicle and we prefer to do nothing less. Understandably this would put quite a damper on our production process and would be very expensive given the time and labor necessary. We invite you to send a proposal to for consideration from the R&D team and if it’s a project we approach in the future we would be happy to work with you.

Not only do we warranty for track use – we encourage it under our Lifetime Warranty! The exception to this is the HJS catalytic converters – they are covered as long as physical damage does not occur or leaded gas/race gas/additives are not used. We build our systems for longevity and to withstand the abuse that track conditions subject to the exhaust. If you ever have any issues that occur, we stand by our product and service and will make you right with minimal hassle, and fast.

The 1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first mass produced vehicle in the US. Should Henry Ford have bothered if someone else was already doing it? Competition is good for everyone. It drives companies to build better products and mind pricing. Potential buyers have more options to choose from when it comes to what they value – be it customer service, pricing, or what have you. The first is not always the best – we’d be happier coming in late with the best designed product any day – and that’s why we are here for you. We look at what is currently out there and how we can operate in a way that it matters to YOU. We’re always looking to incorporate new technology and find places in the market where a new exhaust solution could do well. How far can we push drone fighting technology? What other companies can we work with to get the best possible fitment and performance? How can we offer customization to enrich the experience for our customers? We’re lean, agile, and with our broad network SOUL is able to develop unique exhaust solutions at the best possible pricing.

We’ve worked in the automotive industry cumulatively for decades as well. We’ve been racing our cars, that we built ourselves. We’re at the meets on the weekends and researching late at night.

We’d love to chat with you to give you the true SOUL experience.

Our dealer network is always growing and we’re constantly adding new dealers and installers to our Dealer Locator map here. If we don’t have a solution near you, please contact us and we will assist you in finding a suitable dealer and or installer for your modifications.

Our posted hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time. That said, we’re often in early, usually stay late, and can be available on weekends with advance notice. If you need after hours help, we are sometimes able to remotely answer incoming phone calls and we also respond on the forums and Instagram promptly.

Yes you can. We highly recommend calling before visiting to make sure we have that particular component / configuration ready to go. We keep some components built but not 100% finished until receiving your order request. Some systems – like our titanium exhausts – are built to order and are usually marked as such on the website. You are able to examine different tip finishes and styles in person to place the ideal order for you to be received at a later date as well.

We can. We ask that you contact us to schedule a visit if possible as we’re often very busy and the fabrication team needs to be aware of anyone entering the production area.


We can do custom logos – or no logo. We’re partnered with Jet-Hot to ceramic coat your parts for high heat protection. We can also PVD coat your tips any number of colors for a unique look. The length of tips is adjustable – and we can even build custom tips from scratch for you. Thinking outside of the box but don’t see what you want listed in this one? Contact us to discuss your ideas!

We sure can – after all it’s your exhaust! Logos need to be one color and have lines thick enough to withstand the process. We charge a $50 artwork, setup, and customization fee for custom logos which covers our time setting up the logo artwork, preparing for application, and the actual application process. Logos will show up with a polished / black chrome like finish depending on the top coat. If you have more questions or want to order your exhaust with custom logos, please contact us!



Yes, actually, there is! You can quickly cap off your sound symposer – a built in system which pipes engine sound into your car. When running aftermarket exhaust components you may find you no longer desire this effect. We sell a sound symposer cap kit which can be installed in around an hour and is easily reversible. You can see more information and details by visiting the product page here.

It’s simple! Follow the HomeLink pairing procedure specific to your Porsche and assign one HomeLink button for valves closed and one for valves open. This allows you to easily control your SOUL exhaust valves without using the key fob!

We are first and foremost Porsche owners and enthusiasts. You will see across various social media outlets that we chime in on a consistent basis not to sell, but to educate and be active members of the community. We have even started a Facebook group called Porsche Performance/Modifications to bring together key players and enthusiasts in the industry to openly crowd source information for maximizing the driving experience. We support our local Porsche dealerships such as Porsche Conshohocken and Porsche of the Mainline, sending customers their way and attend their social events. Starting in 2020 we will be an annual sponsor for the Smokies GT event benefiting The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. SOUL is an annual sponsor for PCA’s Hershey Swap Meet, the largest in the world. Our local Reisentoter region Porsche Club of America is very important to us. We aim every year to attend all of their events, especially their charity drives – the largest of which is the Phil-A-Frunk event in conjunction with WMMR’s Campout for Hunger. We also have a PCA trained National Instructor that volunteers at all of Riesentoter’s track events to work with new and improving drivers in the club. This same team member volunteers as an instructor with PCA to help teach teenagers hands on car control and handling in real world situations, as part of the Street Survival program. Every year we aim to give back more and more to the Porsche community, and welcome any proposals to do so!

We guarantee you no flow data exists which can substantiate said misleading claims. It’s like a power claim with no dyno chart for verification. If cross talk of exhaust gases caused a gratuitous power loss in this manner, someone should report this to Porsche immediately given the design of their tip section!

Our cast X-pipe allows for a smooth transition into and out of the X section. The casting of the interior is also smooth, without any protrusions from welds. A proper back purged weld with full penetration will most likely have some material on the backside in the X. Non-cast designs can  and have failed at this point due to stress and possibly lack of proper welding techniques. We’ve made a very conscious decision to offer the most durable X solution possible with our customers in mind. We’ve also been using these X-sections with great success on our full line of Boxster / Cayman exhaust systems which are proven to perform, and warrantied to do so on the track for life! Cast components such as this have been proven for years in OEM applications and by an aftermarket performance staple in the industry for intake plenums and throttle bodies, IPD Plenums.

To be realistic, the effects of any x-pipe would be small to where the any power gains or losses would not be felt. You can expect a smoother exhaust note and we have a wealth of tip options with customization available to have your tips built exactly how you see fit.

Depends on your goals! We’ve outlined all of the differences in this blog post here to help you make a decision. If that doesn’t clear it up, call us to chat! We have extensive professional experience building GT3 cars for both street and track use and we are well qualified to answer all of your questions.


There is no yes and no answer to this question. There are dealerships that will not touch or support anything that doesn’t have an OEM part number on it. There are dealerships that purchase, sell, and install all manner of aftermarket products (including SOUL exhaust systems) and even have their own dedicated performance departments. What you will experience at your dealership will vary, and US dealerships have been found to be much more friendly than European dealerships. At the end of the day, it is up to the discretion of your dealership to take the necessary steps to ensure submitting a warranty claim in a way that will be accepted by the OE company. You can absolutely have aftermarket components on your car and still have your warranty intact and used without issue. This requires proper communication with your service manager and their willingness to accommodate any steps needed to fulfill the warranty requirements. If you would like to discuss this in more depth and/or have us contact your dealership to discuss an exhaust upgrade, please give us a call we would be happy to make the necessary arrangements to ensure you are comfortable with maintaining your warranty.

This can vary from car to car and product to product. Modern ECU’s are incredibly advanced and make the necessary adjustments automatically for proper drivability. As a rule of thumb, none of our catback exhaust systems require an ECU tune, and none of our exhaust products that include our HJS 200 cell catalytic converters require an ECU tune. It is only when you delete the catalytic converters (for competition use only of course…) that you enter a scenario where you could consider an ECU tune “required” though it could be for different things. When running catless, an ECU tune is required to conclusively prevent a check engine light from coming on. Some people choose to try oxygen sensor spacers to turn off this check engine light, but results vary with this method. Running catless without an ECU tune on most modern cars has shown to still maintain proper drivability. An exception to this that we have found is the 718 generation Boxster/Cayman and McLarens, which running catless on requires a tune to prevent boost spiking/surging under hard acceleration.

That said, an ECU tune is required to maximize the performance potential of any given vehicle and exhaust combination. Most cars are detuned (restricted via software) or tuned conservatively from factory. There is always room left on the table with the factory software (especially when freeing up the exhaust flow) that an ECU tune can take advantage of. If you would like to review ECU tuning for your specific vehicle and upgrades, please give us a call and we will ensure you make an educated decision.

Physical vapor deposition is the process of vaporizing metal in a high vacuum environment and depositing it on electrically conductive materials yielding a microns thick finish with a very durable bond. PVD coatings vary in their function and properties as well, from coefficient of friction to hardness. Cutting tools benefit from abrasion resistance and cutting tools achieve maximum efficiency. It’s also often used on gun slides to lower friction for less resistance and heat buildup. You’ve most likely seen it used on one of your cars as most black OE tips are chrome tips finished with a black PVD coating!

Powder coating would not suffice as it is not able to withstand the heat of an exhaust system nor does it adhere well to hard edges where it can crack. Ceramic coating will offer heat protection, but is much thicker and does not look uniform in appearance.  It also makes doing logos more difficult. 

As they are so thin, PVD coatings can take on the properties of the surface underneath. Our Signature Satin finish will result in a black satin finish while the polished logo section will end up black chrome in appearance. Our polished chrome tips take on a black chrome like finish.

We use PVD coating due to the high quality of the finish not only in terms of appearance but durability as well.

Sometimes it makes sense to externally source the best possible solution for an individual component that we need for manufacturing. ISO certification is reflected in the quality of the individual components. More specifically, this means we ensure mandrel bent pipes and flanges are produced to the strictest tolerances with highly calibrated machines by highly trained professionals. The end result is the best possible fitment.

Per ISO’s website:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements

a: “needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.”

ISO certifications play a major role behind the scenes in other areas of your life, like ISO 13485:2016 which mandates medical devices and services to ISO/TS 29001:2010 which defines the quality management system for products and supply in the petroleum industry.

When in doubt, ask your dealership! We have some dealerships that will sell and install our parts. Some will not. Every dealership is different and we encourage you not to leave it up to chance or someone’s opinion –  speak to your dealership(s) before proceeding with any modifications if you are still under warranty.

We’re often asked – what exactly is the finish on your exhausts? Is it a coating? Why not just polish? Isn’t that just sand blasting? Definitely not! SOUL uses a proprietary blend of premium blasting media that was specifically arrived on after much testing to get the look that you see on our systems today. You may recognize the look on another premium manufacturer’s exhausts – Akrapovič. Let’s discuss the benefits to “Signature Satin”!

During development of our finish, we tested different blasting materials affect the surface in different ways. One organic material left an inconsistent, undesirable look. Another media during testing was not durable enough and broke down quickly. Our proprietary blend of media and blasting process yields the best possible results and a quality resulting finish that we call “Signature Satin”.

Benefits of bead blasting:

  • Helps our fabricators to make sure the welding surfaces are free of any contaminants before welding. It’s possible to share tools (wire brushes, sanding pads) across different metal types which embed material like carbon into stainless steel.
  • Reveals any imperfections in the welding process such as pinholes that may not be noticeable with a polished finish
  • Environmentally friendly. Polishing metal by hand can create harmful dust that is a skin and lung irritant. Our blasting stations are constantly filtered and regularly changed to ensure consistency and quality. The used media is then recycled.
  • A uniform, desirable looking finish that can be refreshed at any time
  • Allows us to apply the finish in stages during fabrication to minimize machining marks and scratches. It’s very difficult to remove these marks from hard to reach areas on a finished product with hand polishing.
  • Clean and ready for ceramic coating – such as Jet-Hot 1500 Extreme!
  • Allows us to incorporate custom logos into our components as seen below!

We’re also able to refresh old exhaust components! Below is a pair of our 981 Boxster / Cayman Competition Headers that saw almost three years of daily driving in all kinds of weather. We’re able to restore the finish to almost new!

Signature Satin is our signature that every SOUL exhaust component has been thoroughly inspected and finished to our high standards.

Our valve controller kits need a 12v source of power and a ground wired up to the control unit to operate. A third wire coming off of the control unit acts as the antenna. An included cable runs from the control unit to a solenoid to supply a signal. When the key fob is pressed, it sends a signal to the control unit, which determines if the solenoid is open or closed. The valve actuator / diaphragm will allow the valve to open or close depending on if there is a vacuum or not.

The SOUL valve controller fobs can also be paired with your factory garage door opener buttons, or HomeLink on your Porsche as well. Just follow the instructions to pair your car with device and hold down the desired key fob button to link functionality.

Short of measuring in a soundproofed, climate controlled environment it is impossible to have a standardized dB reading for vehicles – but even then the results would vary in the real world. There are many conditions which affect sound: distance, measuring angle, weather, sensitivity of the testing device, other sources emitting noise, and even reflection from the environment nearby. We’ve had reports of cars registering louder during the morning than in the afternoon at Laguna Seca due to sound retention from the thicker air / fog in the AM!

If you’re worried about sound levels and / or passing sound restrictions at track we invite you to give us a call to discuss your unique situation. We’ve put work into helping GT3’s pass sound with various exhaust setups and it’s important to us that you get to use your products on the track – we don’t want you to get black flagged.

Replacing your tips is a safe bet – anything else can get complicated.

The sale and installation of an aftermarket exhaust system remains legal in California so long as it does not exceed a sound level of 95-decibels when tested under SAE J1492 and complies with all other exhaust and safety laws and regulations. Now, a motorist cited for violating the current California exhaust noise law may receive an immediate fine. Previously, motorists received what is known as a “fix-it” ticket, which allowed for 30-days to correct the violation.” Source: SEMA

Modifications with a CARB EO number / sticker are considered approved by CARB and will pass a smog check. These modifications most often do not tamper with any emissions related devices or perform similarly to the OEM catalytic converters.

“Aftermarket catalytic converters must be exempted from California’s anti-tampering laws in order to be legally sold and installed in the state. If an aftermarket catalytic converter is shown to be durable and meets vehicle emission control requirements, it is granted an exemption Executive Order (EO) that allows it to be installed on specific emission controlled vehicles.” Source: California Air Resources Board

Legally, you will not be able to delete your catalytic converters on a vehicle designed for road use.

Show us the data! Without flow data it’s impossible to make a valid claim. As always we suggest looking at all claims critically and not taking any percentage claims without solid evidence as proof of performance. HJS cats DO offer industry leading flow without triggering a check engine light due to the high amount of precious metals that perform the job of catalyzation. HJS claims a 60% reduction in exhaust back pressure here.

We use HJS catalytic converters due to their long standing reputation for quality, performance, and durability. They achieve the mark of preventing check engine lights and reducing noxious fumes while increasing flow.

We highly recommend rinsing your exhaust with water every time you wash your car to remove contaminants, road grime, and salt. Salt is very corrosive and can cause surface rust if left on your exhaust, suspension, and other components. If you’re going through an automatic car wash, definitely consider an option that washes your undercarriage! To maintain the tips, we recommend non aggressive cleaners without and type of grit to leave the finish intact. Wash your tips every time you wash your car. 

Ensuring proper penetration and proper welding is crucial to ensure the longevity of exhaust components that are welded together. Purging the metal of oxygen with an inert shielding gas can keep the weld fully protected from oxidation that could lead to corrosion. The formation of oxides usually results in black “sugaring” on the back side of the weld. We seal any openings on the component we are welding and introduce a pinhole on one side to allow air to flow out and Argon to flow in from a cap on the other side. This process, combined with skilled fabricators results in the most durable welds on your product, minimizing any chance of exhaust cracks or failures.

We’re proud to be partnered with a top quality ceramic coater – Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings! We ceramic coat several of our exhaust components as it results in a better product for you – and you have the option of custom coatings any time you desire! Let’s dive in to what ceramic coating is and how it’s beneficial.


In 1981 Jet-Hot pioneered their Classic Polish Ceramic Coating. Back then, it was cutting-edge technology. Today, they are still the industry’s leading ceramic coating company. They stand by each and every coating with a lifetime guarantee. Not all coatings are the same quality – almost 30% of the parts they receive are requests to re-coat after other coatings have failed. Their Lifetime Warranty and commitment to quality sets their company ideals in line with ours.

Classic Polish Extreme 1300 coated tips


IMPROVED EFFICIENCY – retaining heat in the exhaust maintains exhaust velocity of the gasses ultimately improving efficiency and power. If you’re chasing maximum power, the fastest quarter mile, or the pass on the left every little bit matters. The effectiveness of the catalytic converter is also improved, allowing it to reduce your vehicle’s emissions, which is better for the environment and you can feel good about that!

PROTECTS OTHER PARTS – protects vulnerable plastic and electronic parts that weren’t meant to endure the increased heat levels produced by modified vehicles as a result of increased power. Some aftermarket exhaust products forgo crucial heat shielding that was in place from the factory as well. Extreme 1300 Classic Polishcoating withstands temperatures up to 1250°F and reduces surrounding temperatures by up to 65%! 

RESISTANCE TO CORROSION – ceramic is a highly durable substance that resists corrosion. It helps stainless steel resist rusting and tarnishing which is especially helpful for vehicles driven in winter conditions where salt can quickly attack everything.

Real world examples:

  • GT3 side muffler bypass pipes where heat coming off of the pipes can also increase the temperature of the rear tires – not what you want on track!
  • The McLaren 720S can produce enough heat from the factory to discolor / burn the tip outlet surrounds – which is why we ceramic coat the tips on our Competition Exhaust.
  • Early 911 Turbo models are known for having their engine mounts wear and allow for excessive play of the engine and exhaust. Coating the tips can prevent burning the bumper on contact during hard driving.
Soul Performance Products McLaren 570S Sport Exhaust - Product
SOUL McLaren 720S Sport Exhaust with Extreme 1300 coating with black topcoat


On most applications, both the exterior and interior of the components are coated to effectively lock heat in. Color top coats are available to make your part look as desired. Jet-Hot can also do custom logos in separate colors for a truly unique finish on your SOUL exhaust tips – like these 991.2 Carera Bolt-On Tips below. Jet-Hot’s proprietary coating process can only be done at their facilities.

Jet-Hot provides custom quoting which allows us to let you know exactly what to expect as far as pricing. Any components from SOUL are prepped prior to shipping out to Jet-Hot for whichever coating is to be applied. From there it can take 2-4 weeks for your components to be shipped to you depending on the complexity of the customization.

Thank you for reading! We can coat any of our components should you want to customize your exhaust or tips – just contact us or click below to discuss options and pricing.

Helmholtz resonators (also known as anti-drone tubes) are an effective way to reduce undesirable frequencies at a targeted point in the RPM range when engineered and utilized correctly. Through calculations on factors such as number of cylinders, target RPM, and other factors you can determine the appropriate volume necessary to create the Helmholtz resonator. These “anti-drone tubes” can effectively reduce drone at a certain frequency without reducing desirable tone or volume like a muffler. The only downside to them is the added weight and reduction in space in which to craft the exhaust system itself, but the pros far outweigh the cons as you’ll be able to happily cruise on the highway yet still enjoy an aggressive exhaust note when you drive more aggressively. Have a look at our blog post here where we crafted the best possible 991.2 Carrera non-PSE exhaust system utilizing them!

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