Research and Development Goals for 2024

As many people take the time to reflect, evaluate and move forward at the start of the New Year, we’re doing so as well as we lay out the road map for our 2024 research and development. While we set our sights on new platforms in 2023, such as the 718 GT4 RS and C8…read more

GT4 RS Performance Package Delivers Maximum Power and Sound

Porsche’s development and introduction of the 718 GT4 RS signaled the brand’s commitment to extracting the greatest potential out of the mid-engined sports car’s platform. But due to a variety of necessary constraints, there was still something left on the table. Our exhaust solutions aimed to deliver unrivaled sound character from the GT3-derived engine in…read more

Redeveloping the SOUL 718 4.0 Exhaust Systems

By installing the naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six into the 718 platform, Porsche signaled a continuing commitment to the emotional powertrains that defined its sports cars for generations. Long-time Porsche enthusiasts, frankly, knew nothing else from Stuttgart. The GTS 4.0 and GT4/Spyder models were hotly anticipated and remain highly sought after for both collectors and spirited drivers,…read more

Research and Development of the Porsche 718 GT4 RS Exhaust Suite

For years there was an argument from Porsche enthusiasts that the Cayman platform was being held back to avoid overstepping the 911 in performance. The closed-top mid-engine sports car demonstrated immense potential to drivers and racers alike, and slowly but surely Porsche’s GT department began to dial it up. The 981 Cayman GT4 was the…read more

DEVELOPMENT: 992 GT3 Factory Exhaust System Explained

"The new GT3 as shown here now has two modular exhaust sections compared to the previous 997 and 991 generations that had three. Starting at the front, we have the headers and primary cat assemblies. The exhaust then bolts to a massive single muffler assembly which houses the exhaust valves. These valves are now electronically…read more

DEVELOPMENT: 718 GT4/Spyder Exhaust Suite Part 2

Over the past few weeks we’ve come a long way on development of our 718 GT4 exhaust suite! Competition Over Axle Pipes Below are a couple photos of our prototype set used in the video we posted. The thick gauge aluminum fixture has been finalized to prepare for production. The bend profiles are currently being…read more

IN THE SHOP: 718 GT4 Clubsport Up Close and Personal

"SOUL had the pleasure of receiving two brand new 718 GT4 Clubsports direct from Porsche on behalf of a client of ours. It was not only an honor, but a luxury which allowed us to evaluate the underpinnings and exhaust system. I thought it might be nice to highlight some of the finer details of…read more

TECH TALK: Airgas ARCAL™ Prime

"We're proud to weld to the highest possible standards by back purging our welds and we're proud to incorporate Airgas ARCAL™ Prime argon into the process."…read more

DEVELOPMENT: 991.1 Carrera Valved Performance Exhaust – IMPROVED!

"Effectively, our aim was to refine the level comfort without sacrificing the race inspired tone and straight through exhaust design. A larger resonator would likely not yield the results we are looking for, and would compromise the high flow design principles given the limited room to place them. Adding higher flowing aftermarket headers - like our…read more

DEVELOPMENT: Soul Partners With Mikalor For The Highest Quality Clamps

"We're always looking for ways to optimize our products, and we sought a solution to increase the clamping force and longevity on the clamps that we use. Our goal is to minimize the risk of exhaust tips coming loose or having an inability to remove and reuse them due to corrosion over time. We've proudly partnered…read more

DEVELOPMENT: Porsche 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Part 1

We've had the pleasure of developing a suite of exhaust components on an absolutely beautiful 991.2 Carrera C4S! This car was shipped to us from South Carolina for the Soul treatment and we're proud to outfit it with components that accentuate the factory PSE system. In this post we'll discuss the factory components and our…read more