NEW PRODUCT: 992 Carrera and Turbo X-Pipe Exhaust Systems

To supplement our extensive portfolio of 992 products, we are excited to announce a plug-and-play X-Pipe Exhaust System for Carrera and Turbo models, pairing with the factory catted components or any aftermarket components designed to meet the OEM rear muffler. Even on its own, this modular upgrade nets a number of immediate benefits.…read more

SOUL Buyer’s Guide: Porsche 718 GT4 RS

Even though the GT4 RS represents the pinnacle of Porsche’s development for the road-going Cayman platform, it still suffers from the necessary bottlenecks that production cars are forced to confront. But for those who intend to realize everything that the GT4 RS is capable of in terms of sound or performance, our full suite of…read more

SOUL Buyer’s Guide: Porsche 718 4.0

The option for the naturally-aspirated flat-six in the 718 model lineup was the first step toward recapturing Porsche’s signature sports car character, but there was more left to do. Porsche compromised to meet global regulations but driving purists couldn’t be blamed for wanting more. With our experience in elevating the sound and performance character of…read more

Porsche Takes Landmark Victory at Daytona with 963 GTP

  Owing to Porsche’s remarkable pedigree and an extensive testing program, the 963 GTP debuted to great expectations at Daytona in 2023. No brand has more success at the legendary North American enduro so it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Porsche would be in the mix right from the start. But the premiere race…read more

GT4 RS Performance Package Delivers Maximum Power and Sound

Porsche’s development and introduction of the 718 GT4 RS signaled the brand’s commitment to extracting the greatest potential out of the mid-engined sports car’s platform. But due to a variety of necessary constraints, there was still something left on the table. Our exhaust solutions aimed to deliver unrivaled sound character from the GT3-derived engine in…read more

Redeveloping the SOUL 718 4.0 Exhaust Systems

By installing the naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six into the 718 platform, Porsche signaled a continuing commitment to the emotional powertrains that defined its sports cars for generations. Long-time Porsche enthusiasts, frankly, knew nothing else from Stuttgart. The GTS 4.0 and GT4/Spyder models were hotly anticipated and remain highly sought after for both collectors and spirited drivers,…read more

Monterey Car Week Celebrates Porsche’s Most Iconic Models

  The pedigree of Porsche Motorsports has resonated for decades both on and off the track in some of the most inspiring and memorable cars ever produced. From the earliest competitors at Le Mans to the latest road-going racer that celebrates the RS lineage, Monterey Car Week was the place to assemble it all. Months…read more

DYNO RESULTS: Porsche 981 GT4 Street Headers, Softronic ECU Tune, IPD Plenum

Can you make a 981 GT4 compete with a GT3? Our performance hungry customer was considering making the upgrade but first wanted to pursue optimization with both software and hardware. All of these upgrades were tested on the same SuperFlow dyno at JD Engineering in the Netherlands. Testing was done in three stages – stock,…read more

DEVELOPMENT: 992 GT3 Factory Exhaust System Explained

"The new GT3 as shown here now has two modular exhaust sections compared to the previous 997 and 991 generations that had three. Starting at the front, we have the headers and primary cat assemblies. The exhaust then bolts to a massive single muffler assembly which houses the exhaust valves. These valves are now electronically…read more