Soul Performance Product Warranty

Soul Performance LLC provides the original owner with a lifetime warranty for all products we manufacture covering materials and workmanship. We always strive to source and build the best products while  providing the best workmanship and we want our warranty to reflect that.

We will replace or repair at our expense any defective product.

HJS Catalytic converters have a three (3) year warranty and are covered except when used with leaded race fuel or any type of fuel additive. Such non-manufacturer specified fuels will damage any catalytic converter and warranty is voided when these fuels and additives are used.

  • Soul Performance Products will repair or replace the catalytic converters once (1) during the 3 year period, or the option to apply credit towards a catless equivalent product will be available.

Sound is not covered under any warranty. We will do our best to meet expectations but sound is subjective. There are ways to adjust sound level and we will work with you to find the right one for you.

Soul Performance LLC under this warranty, in any event, will not be liable for loss of use, inconvenience, consequential or resultative damage. Our soul obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of our product.

Second Hand Components: Product warranty applies to the original purchaser on record, for the original vehicle on which the product was installed. Second hand owners can have any possible parts repaired at cost or have the option of a reduced cost replacement of the same or similar product (requires sending in original component).

All products we retail from other sources shall have the warranty provided by that manufacturer or distributor.



Should you wish to return your order, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST so we can expedite the process and prevent confusion. Components that are new in box can be returned for a refund of the item cost minus a 5% restocking fee for a refund (which covers our expenses for handling, shipping, packing, and logistics fees) OR for full store credit (fee is waived). Components that have been customized (custom logos on tips) are forfeit the custom artwork setup and application fee as they are unable to be put back into stock  and may need to be refinished.

Contact us to receive an RMA number which needs to be marked clearly on the package so that we can process your return. If we are unable to resell the item as new, up to a 50% fee will be applied depending on the labor / parts necessary to sell the item as new OR to cover loss as selling as used – the details of which will be explained in full for clarification. Sending in photos is always recommended to prevent any surprises. Refunds are usually processed same business day after inspection and hearing back from customer. Customer is free to request returned merchandise back if shipping is covered. For special circumstances, please contact us.