TECH TALK: Girodisc Rotors

"Girodisc manufacturers bolt-in two piece rotor solutions designed to increase braking performance and also do it at a great price"…read more

Porsche Club of America Sim Racing League: Chris Walsh Racing For SOUL

Did you know you can race a Porsche from home in the PCA Sim Racing series! By SOUL and Chris Walsh, SOUL sponsored PCA Sim Racer In 2019 Porsche launched an online racing series for those with digital skills to put them to the test. “The eight-race series is specifically geared toward PCA members with…read more

TECH TALK: Airgas ARCAL™ Prime

"We're proud to weld to the highest possible standards by back purging our welds and we're proud to incorporate Airgas ARCAL™ Prime argon into the process."…read more


You’ve seen us mention “PVD coating” on our exhaust pages, specifically used on our exhaust tips – let’s dive into what exactly this coating is and why we use it. THE PURPOSE Powder coating would not suffice for our use as it is not able to withstand the heat of an exhaust system nor does…read more

TECH TALK: SOUL Signature Satin – Our Exhaust Finish Explained

We’re often asked – what exactly is the finish on your exhausts? Is it a coating? Why not just polish? Isn’t that just sand blasting? Definitely not! SOUL uses a proprietary blend of premium blasting media that was specifically arrived on after much testing to get the look that you see on our systems today. …read more

TECH TALK: Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating

We’re proud to be partnered with a top quality ceramic coater – Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings! We ceramic coat several of our exhaust components as it results in a better product for you – and you have the option of custom coatings any time you desire! Let’s dive in to what ceramic coating is and…read more

TECH TALK: Glass Ceramic Coating

"Coating your vehicle’s glass can offer increased visibility, better water shedding performance, and can make it easier to remove bugs from your windshield. "…read more