NEW PRODUCT: 992 Carrera and Turbo X-Pipe Exhaust Systems

To supplement our extensive portfolio of 992 products, we are excited to announce a plug-and-play X-Pipe Exhaust System for Carrera and Turbo models, pairing with the factory catted components or any aftermarket components designed to meet the OEM rear muffler. Even on its own, this modular upgrade nets a number of immediate benefits.…read more

NEW PRODUCT: 997 GT3 Headers

Before GT3 became a global motorsports formula, Porsche’s driver-focused variant of the 911 sports car carried that moniker and ushered in an era of class-leading track-bred performance. Each evolution of the 911 GT3 has benefitted from the brand’s motorsports expertise to capitalize on its elite potential while staying true to its purest characteristics. Even though…read more

Research and Development Goals for 2024

As many people take the time to reflect, evaluate and move forward at the start of the New Year, we’re doing so as well as we lay out the road map for our 2024 research and development. While we set our sights on new platforms in 2023, such as the 718 GT4 RS and C8…read more

Research and Development of the Porsche 718 GT4 RS Exhaust Suite

For years there was an argument from Porsche enthusiasts that the Cayman platform was being held back to avoid overstepping the 911 in performance. The closed-top mid-engine sports car demonstrated immense potential to drivers and racers alike, and slowly but surely Porsche’s GT department began to dial it up. The 981 Cayman GT4 was the…read more

TECH TALK: Girodisc Rotors

"Girodisc manufacturers bolt-in two piece rotor solutions designed to increase braking performance and also do it at a great price"…read more

DEVELOPMENT: 718 GT4/Spyder Exhaust Suite Part 2

Over the past few weeks we’ve come a long way on development of our 718 GT4 exhaust suite! Competition Over Axle Pipes Below are a couple photos of our prototype set used in the video we posted. The thick gauge aluminum fixture has been finalized to prepare for production. The bend profiles are currently being…read more

NEW PRODUCTS: 997.1 Turbo X-Pipe Exhaust Suite

"We wanted to get as aggressive as possible while minimizing drone – greater volume with a greater amount of pops and burbles on deceleration. Support for high power was another consideration – necessitating 3″ tubing."…read more

NEW PRODUCT: Lamborghini Huracan Race Exhaust System

" We set out to craft an aggressive system for SEMA builds, Liberty Walk kit equipped cars, and the weekend cruiser alike. The factory exhaust is incredibly heavy at over 60 lbs with several chambers and secondary, unmonitored catalytic converters. It simply does not offer the roar that most are looking for under aggressive acceleration. To achieve…read more