Autoquest Motorsports Titanium Caliper Piston Pucks


Titanium brake caliper pucks replace fail prone OEM pucks to prevent braking issues and maximize safe, consistent braking results on track


  • 918 Spyder
  • 991.1/991.2 GT3
  • 991.1/991.2 GT3RS
  • 991.1/991.2 Turbo
  • 991.1/991.2 Turbo S
  • 991 911R
  • 718 / 981 GT4


Autoquest Motorsports found that the majority of enthusiastically driven/tracked GT4’s and 991 GT3/RS’s coming through their shop have failing or failed factory ceramic caliper piston pucks. Regardless of whether the brakes are factory Steel or PCCB calipers, there are factory ceramic pucks screwed to the face of the pistons that serve as a thermal barrier between the pads and the pistons, lessening the heat transfer to the fluid. Due to the intense heat and heat cycles from hard/extended braking, the ceramic pucks are becoming brittle and disintegrating. Early signs of this are cracking or chipping. Broken or lack of ceramic puck material may cause reduced braking effect and additional heat transfer through the pistons and into the fluid. If a large number of the ceramic pucks were to fail this could lead to significant braking issues.

This problem is often overlooked during pad replacement, as technicians are not aware of the issue and are not checking for it. Unfortunately replacement ceramic pucks are not available, Porsche only offers complete replacement calipers. They will only replace the calipers under warranty if the car is running OE pads and rotors. Even if replacement calipers are installed, the issue will ultimately happen again.

AQM Titanium Pucks offer similar thermal qualities to ceramic pucks but will not fail under repeated heat cycling. Titanium alloy proved to be the best solution, and although expensive it maintains a thermal barrier as compared to stainless steel which allows heat transfer to the fluid.

AQM have installed them on numerous GT4’s and GT3’s with no noticeable change in brake feel or fluid temperature. Our experience has shown this to be a long-term solution, eliminating the need for expensive and repetitive complete caliper replacements.

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