Exhaust Valve Controller Kit


Valve controller kit allows you to force the valves open or closed at all times to prevent random valve opening and closing. Lock valves open at all times for an incredible sound controlled by your right foot!


+  Fits all Porsche 991.1 / 991.2  GT3 – not direct fitment – requires wiring and sourcing vacuum
+  Allows manual control over valves in side mufflers
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by our Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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  • Two key fobs are included to control the valves. They can also be paired with the HomeLink buttons for remote operation at the press of a button.
  • Allows you to force the valves open for a glorious sound at all times. From the factory the car can shut the valves based on operating parameters which can not only be unideal, but when running an aftermarket center muffler exhaust, can be much more pronounced and undesirable.
  • Allows you to close the valves at will, which is especially useful to try and meet track decibel restrictions when coming upon a metering station. Example 1. Example 2.
  • We do NOT recommend running the vehicle aggressively for prolonged periods of time with the valves closed.
  • Requires wiring for ground and switched 12V power source. Running vacuum to the valve controller solenoid is also required. This is an advanced install best left to professionals or tackled by the experienced owner / installer.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.