Mercedes C63 AMG BMC High Performance Air Filters


Upgrade your Mercedes C63 AMG  with direct, drop in performance air filters designed to safely increase air flow to the engine for increased response and power.

Suggested Add-On

BMC Filter Cleaning / Recharge Kit

This recharge  kit makes your BMC air filter brand new again through a washing and re-oiling procedure.

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OEM air filters are made of paper and their main function is to protect the engine. These filters have high resistance to the air flow, which reduces the inlet pressure and reduces the engine’s performance. BMC’s air filters provide a considerably greater amount of air flow. BMC air filters are produced using a “Full Moulding” system that enables the characteristic red filter to be realized from a single mold with no welded joints thus avoiding breakage. The rubber used in BMC air filtering systems has a long life, is very durable and has optimum adhesion characteristics to all shapes of air boxes. BMC filters are made of a multi-layered cotton gauze soaked with low viscosity oil covered with an epoxy coated alloy mesh to ensure protection from petrol fumes and oxidization due to air humidity. The cotton has a larger plot, which favors the passage of a large flow of air and through the combination of different layers containing oil, ensures the stoppage of all the impurities from 7 microns up. To date, this concept is the best solution for both better filtration and higher performances.


  • Fits all Mercedes C63 AMG (W205) vehicles (2015-2019)
  • Two filters are included
  • Direct, drop in fitment with no modifications necessary
  • Lifetime filters are washable and re-oilable with a BMC Filter Cleaning Kit
  • BMC part number: FB845/20