Porsche 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0L Ninemeister Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch Kits


Improve engine response and shift quicker with an upgraded clutch kit and lightweight flywheel from Ninemeister.


  • All 4.0L Porsche 718 GT4 / GTS Cayman and Spyder vehicles (2020+)


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Within the science of making a car go faster while there is little new to be learned, there are often items which are overlooked. While increasing engine power is the obvious choice of the masses, reducing power lost in the drive train is always an effective way to get something for free which does not compromise the integrity or reliability of the engine. Step forward the lightweight flywheel.

A dictionary definition of a flywheel is a “mechanical energy storage device” – the heavier the flywheel the more energy the flywheel will store. But more importantly, the lighter the flywheel the less energy (read power) it requires to accelerate it to speed, so for any given engine power, with a lighter flywheel more of that power will end up at the tires to accelerate the car harder in any gear.

Lightweight Flywheel Benefits:

  • CNC machined from carbon steel billet
  • 45% reduction in inertia compared to stock dual mass flywheel (13.6 lbs / 6.2kg LWF vs 24.9 lbs / 11.3kg DMF)
  • Direct replacement
  • Increases wheel power
  • Improves acceleration
  • Improves throttle response
  • Faster downshifts / rev matching due to faster rpm matching
  • Spigot bearing and new flywheel bolts are included.

Performance Uprated Clutch Benefits:

  • Higher thermal capacity compared to OEM friction material
  • Higher transmittable torque compared to OEM
  • SACHS Performance pressure plate giving higher transmittable torque and higher clamp load
  • Capable of over 550Nm torque
  • Sprung uprated organic center plate with OEM pedal feel
  • Ideal upgrade for typically fast road/track day cars and everyday use

NOTES: Slight transmission noise will be present at low rpms due to vibrations from the engine being transmitted to the un-driven gears on the shafts. The reduction in mass equates to less stored energy, so the car will also require more delicate clutch control at low rpm – an acceptable tradeoff for a much more responsive engine.

ABOUT NINEMEISTER:  Ninemeister is one of the leading independent Porsche specialists in the UK. With a history of the marque from early air-cooled cars to the latest GT models, they specialize in everything from full track cars to routine servicing, engine rebuilds, engine and chassis upgrades.

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