Porsche 981 GT4 / Boxster Spyder IPD Intake Plenum


Increase the drivability and response of your 981 GT4 / Spyder with an IPD intake plenum and GT3 throttle body

+ Fits all 981 Porsche GT4 / Boxster Spyder vehicles (2015-2016)
+ Increase the efficiency and flow of the engine’s air intake system



IPD Plenums are products of efficiency that improve intake air flow and increase air velocity. The “Y” shape design and dimpled interior surface make air flow more laminar (less turbulent) improving power and torque higher in the RPM band. You’ll also notice a very slight increase in intake note as a result. Smoother more optimized intake air flow will improve the engine’s drivability. The more efficiently an engine breaths, the more efficiently it produces power. The factory intake will become even more detrimental to performance as you increase the power and torque outputs with other modifications – the IPD plenum upgrade removing the bottle neck in your system.

NOTE:  If you are upgrading to a GT3 throttle body as well, you may need to visit a Porsche dealership to have them perform a manual throttle body adaptation process.

ABOUT IPD:  Innovative Pro Design (IPD) was founded in 2004 by Mike “Turbo” Kirakosyan. The IPD Plenums were conceived, developed, tested, proven and manufactured in the heart of the Porsche Tuning capital, Southern California. The IPD plenums evolved from the age old hot rod philosophy of “never leave good enough alone”. The genius behind the IPD Intake Plenums is not only the patented “Y” design but also the geometry of diversion areas, optimization of bore sizes and internal surface area manipulation. The entire IPD team is dedicated to providing the absolute best after market performance products for Porsche.

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