Porsche 987.1 / 987.2 Cayman / Boxster RSS Suspension SOUL Stage 1 Package


Our SOUL Stage 1 Package includes much needed suspension components allowing a greater alignment range than factory to dial in and sustain a performance alignment for your Porsche. Reduce understeer, increase tire grip, and maximize tire use during aggressive driving while increasing stability.


  • 361 RSS Front Control Arms
  • 312 Rear Adjustable Toe Steer Kit
  • 333 Rear Toe Alignment Locking Plates

+  Fits Porsche 987.1 and 987.2 Cayman / Boxster (Base / S) models (2005-2012)
+  Not compatible with “Base Model Suspension” or “Base Model struts/dampers with lowering springs” as it may result in an unsafe driving condition with possible suspension bind. You will need to upgrade to aftermarket coilovers, or factory S or PASM suspension. Contact us for assistance!

Upon ordering we will contact you to ensure compatibility and that this kit meets your goals – or contact us to discuss!

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Factory alignment settings from Porsche come very conservative to mind daily driven tire wear and are tailored towards understeer for safety (it’s easier to recover from than understeer to the average driver). When you start pushing the car, this understeer and lack of overall grip due to the conservative alignment specs (primarily lack of negative camber) becomes more apparent and the outer edge of the tires wear much more quickly than the rest of the tire. Factory alignment adjustments on most Porsches are limited to approximately 1.0-1.5 degrees of negative camber, while most track cars (depending on the amount of street use and tire compound) require at least double that to maximize handling and tire life.

It is important to realize that individual goals change from build to build, especially as a car becomes more and more track dedicated. This Stage 1 package consists of the essentials – staples in suspension setup that will always be used for getting the camber/caster/toe settings no matter how aggressive you end up going. Getting an appropriate alignment for track use is the lowest hanging fruit for increasing handling and the lifespan of the tires, paying for itself just in tire costs over time.

The package will also reduce deflection caused by the stock rubber bushings allowing alignment changes when under load cornering. This package reduces that effect by eliminating some of these stock rubber bushings that can would twist rubber, which has much more “deflection” than pivoting on a spherical bearing. This nets a tighter, more responsive feel out of the car and increased rear stability under hard braking.

How it Works

  • Front camber is limited by the factory lower control arms as they are one solid piece. To increase front camber this package includes adjustable lower control arms that are a two piece design. This allows for a variety of shims to be added, increasing front camber. Those who want to run more than 2.5 degrees of camber or track focused individuals looking for more front end cornering grip with less concern for street tire wear on the street should choose the XL option for a larger camber adjustment range.
  • As front camber is increased the caster increases as well. When this happens the wheel moves forwards and closer to the front fender, and depending on how aggressive the wheel and tire fitment is this can cause rubbing of the tire near the turn signal when you turn the wheel. The control arms in this kit come with the necessary adjustable caster bushings to reduce the caster, increase the clearance in this area, and allow for additional negative camber.
  • The factory rear control arms themselves typically have enough factory adjustment to run an appropriate amount of rear camber to compliment the potential front camber with aftermarket control arms, up until at most 2.5 degrees. However, as you increase rear camber you begin running out of thread engagement on the rear toe links and this becomes the limiting factory on rear camber. Installing adjustable rear toe links in this package will allow you the thread engagement to maximize the rear camber adjustments.
  • The factory eccentric bolts for the rear toe links have a tendency to lose their adjustment with hard use. This package comes with a locking plate kit that replaces the factory bolts and is designed to save your rear alignment during aggressive driving.


CONSTRUCTION:  6061 Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum construction allows for a more uniform molecular structure
at every point of the arm over the cast components providing a more durable and inherently stronger part. Manufacturing from billet aluminum rather than casting results in fewer impurities in the metal. Anodized Aluminum Surfaces and Zinc Plated Steel parts allow for better corrosion resistance against the elements. Replaceable Sub-Assemblies: For the extreme, repetitive track day enthusiast or racer, RSS high strength steel alloy spherical bearings (with a friction reducing, longevity increasing Teflon liner) outer and inner arm sub-assemblies can be replaced.

ABOUT RSS:  Road Sport Supply or RSS as they are better known, specializes in performance driven Porsche performance products designed, engineered and manufactured domestically in Southern California. Tested and proven on the track, have confidence in the pedigree behind RSS components.

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