Porsche 991 Carrera Softronic ECU Tune


Unlock extra power and increased response with a Softronic ECU Tune! Safely enhance the enjoyment of your vehicle with no drawbacks. Make the most out of your SOUL performance upgrades through software optimization.



Model  Base BHP   Tuned BHP   Base Torque   Tuned Torque 
3.4L 349 370 287 306
3.8L S 400 430 325 356



Softronic will send all tuning information / files via email to each customer upon ordering with the end goal being the best possible tune for your Porsche.

Do I have to take my car somewhere to flash it?
No! The entire purpose of the Softronic software is that it is very easy to do. You can do it in the comfort of your own garage at your convenience. All you need is the OBD2 cable that will be shipped to you and a windows based Laptop. Softronic wants to empower the end user to not have to go to a shop and have the flash installed. If you do not have access to a laptop, a standalone DimSport MyGenius handheld device is also available to interface with your OBD2 port to deliver the tune to your vehicle.

What octane are these tunes compatible with?
Files are tuned accordingly to your preference by Softronic.

How do I return my car back to the stock tune?
Your stock file is saved when you pull the file to send to Softronic. It can be flashed back at any time via the same method the ECU tune is flashed to the car.

If I add an exhaust or intake, do I need to reflash my car?
No.  Softronic goes through and tunes each individual table. Unlike others that do a global change to files, Softronic enables the ECU to adapt to basic bolt-on modifications like exhaust, intake, headers, etc. The only time you need to re-reflash your vehicle is when you change fuel components, turbo sizes, or engine internals, etc.

If I buy the ECU flash and do an upgrade, do I have to pay the full price again?
No, only charge revision fees. Unlike other tuners, we have a very large database of files for multiple different turbo and fuel setups that have been tested and can be further customized to your cars specifications. Lets say you have done the basic Porsche 996TT flash and then upgrade to the K24/18G turbos. You only have to pay a $500 revision fee.


  • Each tune is paired with your specific vehicle and can only be used on one vehicle.
  • Have any questions? Concerns? Contact us at any time to discuss upgrading your vehicle.

ABOUT SOFTRONIC:Based out of Connecticut, Softronic has been working with Porsche systems for nearly 30 years. From street cars to race cars, Softronic has involved itself in all types of motorsports to stay continuously involved in the industry. Having cutting edge technology not only makes the ECU Tuning process more efficient, it also makes it more accurate. Softronic has been the technical advisor for the Porsche Club of America (PCA) for over 10 years as well. One of the main functions that Softronic serves is data checking of Porsche Motorsports vehicles for race teams. Reading out the binary code and checking data allows Softronic to gain OEM insight into the vehicles brain unit and of course, a fair playing field for race regulations. In the tuner market focusing on street cars, Softronic has gained a very solid name. Softronic exclusively tuned the Porsche Interseries cars, winning Daytona car, World Challenge, Koni Cup and countless others in racing. Some of the fastest cars are tuned in cooperation with Softronic – everything from 1000HP 996 Turbos to daily driven Porsche 987 Cayman.