CUSTOMER HIGHLIGHT: Peter / 991.1 Carrera

What project cars led up to your Porsche ownership?

I had a GR Subaru WRX as my first real enthusiast vehicle, which I slowly modified with KW coilovers, Alcantara interior wrap, BRZ bucket seats, a fart cannon exhaust, and a rally style light bar/lights. As my box of nuts and bolts that I couldn’t figure out how to fit back on grew, I realized that I’m terrible at modifying my own car, and will probably be better off with something that has most of what I want from the factory. After a few years of saving up and watching Chris Harris reviews, I eventually found the build that I wanted and landed myself in my very own “VW Beetle”.

What are your passions?

Anything with wheels really. I try to spend an hour or two scooting around on my Yamaha R1M or in the 991 every day, rain or shine.


What lead you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

While searching for a more expressive valved x-pipe solution than the aftermarket center muffler bypass I got from the dealership, I came upon an installation guide for the SOUL system on Rennlist. The fit and finish of the system from those photos left an impression on me, and after contacting SOUL, I was convinced me to make the trip down.

As for the system itself, my only regret is that this wasn’t available when I picked up the car 2 years ago. I’ve heard PSE before, and it’s very boring compared to the Jekyll and Hyde personality of this system. With the the loud mode engaged, the car is completely transformed into a bit of a lunatic. Each shift in sport plus mode sounds like a rifle crack, and the overruns during decel is greatly intensified.

Having the valve controls linked to my garage buttons was also a lifesaver, as I didn’t have the factory PSE controls. Being able to set when to go quiet allowed me to keep from bothering the neighbors during evening joyrides.

Future plans for your 991?

Other than refinishing the wheels in a bronze color, it’s pretty much set for now. Falken ran a super cool fan designed livery on their ’13 Petit Le Mans GT3 RSR, and I’d love to have a more streetable version of that on the wrap.


What other cars are currently in the garage?

A stripped down Mazda3 with zero options.

If you could own any car what would it be?

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo. The extra wide hood integrated with the vented double fender is the coolest design feature since pop-up headlights.