IN THE SHOP: 991.2 Carrera Base for SOUL Street Package

A local Rennlist member approached us to upgrade this non-PSE 991.2 Carrera. We installed our full exhaust suite which consists of a Performance Exhaust System and Sport Catalytic Converters.

SOUL Sport Catalytic Converters increase response and add more turbo sound. The base, non-PSE exhaust is quite underwhelming from the factory, barely letting out a note befitting of a Porsche. Our Performance Exhaust unlocks much needed tone while helmholtz resonators minimize any undesirable frequencies for a race-like yet professional exhaust note.

The existing aftermarket carbon fiber tips on the vehicle had begun to rust out.

We dissembled and rebuilt the tips with a new inner 321 stainless steel shell to restore them!


Customer Feedback : “Just wanted to chime in with my experiences with John G, Oliver, and the rest of the Soul gang. I can’t say enough great things about them! John and I have been chatting about my car, and general opinion of performance, and emotion during the time of ownership. I mentioned that it was a base non-PSE and could def use something extra, and he was gracious enough to schedule some time with me to drive to their location for meet, tour, and install!

Long story short, the folks there are phenomenal; entertaining all my random questions and being patient with me as one would with a kid in a candy store  I need not say much about the product either – it’s true to it’s name, def gives the car a lot of soul! Like I told John, they’re not in the performance parts business, they’re in the happiness business – give them a shot, you will be happy!”

SOUL Porsche 991.2 Carrera Base / S (without PSE) Street Package

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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager