Porsche 991.2 Carrera Base / S (without PSE) Performance Exhaust Systems


The non-PSE equipped 991.2 exhaust system is far too quiet from the factory. The Soul Performance Products rear exhaust increases much needed tone while minimizing drone with anti-drone tubes for a more invigorating driving experience.

Fits base Porsche 991.2 Carrera vehicles without Porsche Sport Exhaust / PSE (2017+)
*Base models must use OEM tips if running factory cats.
*S models must use base model dual tips with factory cats OR SOUL tips with SOUL catalytic converters / cat bypass pipes. Not compatible with S model tips.
+  Weighs .65  lbs / .3 kg less than factory exhaust components (16.7 lbs w/ antidrone tubes vs 17.35 lbs factory)
+  Designed and built in-house at our Willow Grove, PA facility
+  All Soul Performance Products exhaust components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  We set out to craft a rear exhaust that was simple, light, and as aggressive as possible while retaining drivability. The 991.2 non-PSE equipped cars are prone to droning in the 1,800-2,200 RPM range with aftermarket exhausts – the primary factor that we based our system around. We tested numerous variants incorporating resonators, helmholtz resonators / anti-drone tubes, straight pipes, and a basic x-pipe to hone in on the best possible solution. Testing was done with and without our Sport Catalytic Converters as they are a very common modification. Resonators reduced the overall engine tone and volume and did not have enough of an impact on the drone. Helmholtz resonators (also known as anti-drone tubes) are an effective way to reduce undesirable frequencies when engineered and utilized correctly. Our final design has proven to offer the very best results on this application and achieved our high standards for sound quality and drivability. Looking for the most aggressive sound and lightest weight? We also offer the system without anti-drone tubes for a lighter, more cost effective solution – the exterior volume and tone is the same minus the reduction in drone.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each exhaust is hand made out of mandrel bent, thick wall .065″ T304L stainless steel, rigorously quality checked in-house. Back purged TIG welding ensures proper weld penetration and longevity.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each product is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment then foam packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any questions or issues that you may have.


  1. Patricio

    Exhaust installed! The only thing I can say with all the respect: it’s ****ING AMAZING! What a change! Finally my 911 sounds like a real 911 from the cold start, on normal mode, on sport mode, in every mode!. Did not notice any significant drone for now.

  2. drpartusa (Rennlist)

    I wanted to post my awesome experience with Soul.
    Got my first 911 on October. 2017 991.2 Base, manual with chrono. Loved the car but there was something missing. I was originally looking for a 991.1 NA with PSE since the noise of that engine and exhaust, to me screams Porsche. Long story short, I went with a 991.2 due to performance, “tunability” and better manual transmission.
    As I mentioned my 991.2 was missing something, that was the exhaust sound. I was not able to find a local car manual with PSE, so I bought a non-PSE car. Did some research and saw a couple of youtube videos from Soul. Got in-touch with Mike from Soul and ask him a few questions: the most important was droning. A friend had an x-pipe from another brand and had a lot of drone, really noticeable.
    Mike said, most of the drone was removed using the antidrone tubes. I went ahead and placed the order the x-pipe with antidrone tubes. Got the exhaust some days later. Tried to follow a youtube video to install it but I gave up. The heat shield screws are a pain to remove so I decided to get it installed. Contacted Mike again, he sent me info about local authorized installers, got in touch with them and got my exhaust installed in 2 hours.
    Regarding the exhaust: Wow, just wow! My car got transformed. Honestly cold starts are loud! Porsche loud. Driving in normal mode sound a bit louder than with the stock but nothing crazy. Sport mode is where the exhaust shines, pops and crackles on downshifting and after getting off the gas, in between gear shifts. IMO this sound better than a PSE 991.2.
    I’ve been driving for a more than a month now and no drone at all! I drive it on sport 99% of the time and it’s just perfect. Not too loud, not too quiet, great tone and no drone. I wonder if I should go catless now lol!

  3. zoomzoommo (Rennlist)

    Excellent sound, no droning. Fantastic solution for non-PSE 991.2’s.

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