SOUL Sponsors 944 Cup Racing Series 2021


SOUL is proud to officially be a 944 Cup Racing Series sponsor for 2021! It’s our mission to continue to support the Porsche racing community as PCA sponsors – and now 944 Cup racing! We’re proud to be involved with several of our dealers who are fielding cars this year – and it only feels appropriate to support them and other racers by offering 944 exhaust components backed by our Lifetime Warranty later this year!

John Brandenberger, Director of Sales and Marketing, has a long history in 944 racing. John built and raced an 83′ 944 N/A car in both SPEC and Cup series starting in 2006 with help from family and friends – including our Logistics Manager, Kyle, who was crew chief.  Notably, John placed 2nd in the National SPEC Championship in 2008. With a history of grassroots racing, it’s important to us to be a part of the action although from the sidelines. That said, while the race car has been resting for some time – it just might return soon…

Intending to race this season? Have any questions about power adders and braking, cooling, or suspension setups? We’re standing by to help with expert advice founded through first hand experience in the shop, on the track, and through our extensive relationship with shops and racers!

Questions? Comments? Let us know!

– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager