NEW PRODUCT: Porsche 991.2 Carrera Base / S (without PSE) Valved Exhaust Package

Porsche had long earmarked turbocharged engines for their flagship models, but as a result of increased external pressures and a need to modernize its performance benchmarks, the flat-six was turbocharged across the entire Carrera lineup for the 991.2 generation. This allowed the 911 to continue its quest for class-leading performance while being mindful of efficiency all the same. But losing that flat-six wail felt like losing the character of the car, even if on paper it was better than ever. We set out to recapture the signature thrill of a 911 sports car and maximize its new potential, but do so in a way it can be lived with every day.

For 991.2 models equipped with factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE), drivers were afforded comfortable cruising along with a stimulating valves-open character that matched the performance potential with the press of a button. But without that option, the choices were limited. A PSE retrofit would be expensive with a long lead time and require some modification to fit, or drivers would have to accept the exhaust as-is. We aimed for an alternative that was more than just an improvement in sound over that factory system.

As a complete solution, our new Valved Exhaust Package pairs high-flow Sport Catalytic Converters with an x-pipe, and a secondary flow path through an x-pipe muffler that provides a significant reduction in exterior volume and cabin presence. The critical balance between an aggressive character with valves open and a reasonable presence with valves closed was achieved to our satisfaction, as the free-flowing Sport Cats amplified that delta beyond what an x-pipe alone would deliver. As a result, the sound quality and performance gains from this package can’t be matched by factory PSE on its own.

The valved rear section creates a smooth, high-pitched sound with the valves open or closed, and the result is more akin to Porsche’s signature flat-six tone and is unrivaled by Porsche’s own PSE system since the latter is effectively straight through with no blending of the exhaust with valves open. But closing the valves is a significant reduction in presence inside and out, and by replacing the bulky factory cats it left us room to implement the anti-drone technology that we’ve constantly developed over the years.

Seeing as our motto is “Sound Better, Go Faster,” we weren’t going to limit our focus to half of that equation. Opening up the flow from the turbocharged engine through large-diameter tubing and high-flow cats delivers a bump of about 20 horsepower and torque overall, something that is realistically noticeable to the driver. As a result, we’ve elevated the experience no matter how you enjoy it.

Once installed, the exhaust can be fitted with our SOUL tips in finishes such as polished or black chrome, or carbon fiber. Base model cars can have their OEM tips reused, however S-model non-PSE cars will require new tips. Additionally, fitment is guaranteed to the stock vehicle, not needing bumper modification to fit the factory PSE outlets.


>>Porsche 991.2 Carrera Base / S (without PSE) Valved Exhaust Package<<

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