NEW PRODUCT: 997 GT3 Headers

Before GT3 became a global motorsports formula, Porsche’s driver-focused variant of the 911 sports car carried that moniker and ushered in an era of class-leading track-bred performance. Each evolution of the 911 GT3 has benefitted from the brand’s motorsports expertise to capitalize on its elite potential while staying true to its purest characteristics.

Even though Porsche is many years removed from the 997 generation of the GT3, enthusiasts still look back at it fondly as a golden era of the sports car, ushering out the Mezger engines in a viscerally unparalleled experience. For a track day or just a weekend drive, few sports cars deliver quite the level of engagement that the 997 GT3 has to offer, and drivers have pushed to explore new limits with it through suspension, exhaust, or other performance-minded upgrades.

With the overall exhaust configuration virtually unchanged for 997 and 991 models of GT3, we understood the roles each component would play and the objectives that were realistic to achieve. Our exhaust solutions were strategically designed to maximize and compound the results of these upgrades, and not only enhance the motorsports tone of the high-revving flat-six but to also shed both weight and heat in high-performance applications. Knowing that Jack’s 997 GT3 will see regular abuse at local race tracks, we identified it as an ideal candidate to develop headers that will perform reliably lap after lap for years to come, backed by a lifetime warranty.

The long-tube headers we’ve designed for the 997-generation GT3s address the shortcomings of the factory components, which were saddled with dense catalytic converters and forced to compromise due to production bottlenecks—a reality even for a platform like the GT3. Available in both Street and Competition variety, our solution optimizes tubing length and diameter while also strengthening high-stress areas to withstand aggressive use. Our bespoke design with billet CNC flanges and merge collectors achieves immediate increases in flow, response and performance, netting tangible results on their own and enhanced as other modifications are introduced. This creates a smoother, more aggressive sound that only amplifies everything downstream by popping the cork of the factory catalytic converter.

Our Street Headers replace this with a high-flow, EPA-certified catalytic converter that features four times the precious metal content in the washcoat compared to competing products. This road-legal solution delivers on all the manufacturing efficiencies we’ve laid out above, with redesigned primary tubes and merge collectors helping to push 10-15 extra horsepower from the GT3—and potentially more from higher displacement engines. For track-ready builds, our Competition Headers maximize this methodology, increasing exhaust velocity and reducing back pressure to unlock additional power, especially paired with software. At that point, 30-40 horsepower is in reach, translating to immediate results on track.

But for enthusiast drivers looking to extract more pleasure than performance, our new header options can satisfy that desire, especially in combination with other exhaust upgrades. Valved systems mated with SOUL headers will benefit from an aggressive free-flowing sound with the valves open while retaining a comfortable presence with the valves closed. This becomes even more transformational with a Center Muffler Bypass, eliciting an intoxicating flat-six wail that can be reserved during everyday driving.

With the enhanced demands of the GT3 platform and the limits that drivers are pushing them, we made no sacrifice on the durability of our headers and emphasized its priority just as much as the performance gains. Our TIG-welded and back-purged products ensure maximum strength and longevity in the most demanding environments, something that Jack’s GT3 will put to the test.

Instead of falling back on his 997 GT3’s ever-growing market value, Jack committed to embracing the car’s pedigree and purpose inside and out. Immediately appearing functional and distinctive, his GT3 wears 19-inch Forgeline wheels to shed weight but retain structural rigidity—ideal for attacking the curbs at our regional race tracks. The otherwise inconspicuous exterior opens up to a very purposeful interior, sinking into supportive GT2 seats with Schroth harnesses mounted to a roll cage, and control taken with a modular Sparco competition steering wheel. Gears are positively engaged via a satisfying short-throw shifter, a stark reminder of the sensation that the 997 GT3 is continually lauded for.

Installing SOUL Competition Headers on Jack’s GT3 will provide him the edge at this season’s track days, delivering the sound, power and reliability that dedicated enthusiasts demand from Porsche’s most aspirational sports cars.