NEW PRODUCTS: 991.2 Carrera PSE Exhaust Systems

The 991.2 Carrera lineup claimed more performance and efficiency from its turbocharged 3.0-liter engine, but it came at the cost of the distinct character the 911 had been exceptionally known for. The factory PSE does very little to truly deliver the dynamic sound quality that the turbocharged flat-six is capable of, and the turbos naturally suppress the overall volume of the car. Building a modular rear exhaust solution meant addressing both of those obstacles with the highest priority.

Our development goal to offer a complete portfolio of exhaust solutions for the 991.2 Carrera platform has culminated in our offering of both a valved and non-valved rear exhaust system that maximizes the sound potential of the 3.0-liter flat-six while still limiting the undesirable traits of a performance-minded solution.

Beginning with our non-valved x-pipe, we’ve enhanced its properties with a full 3” tubing diameter and a bespoke design that delivers a smooth, high-pitched tone under load, whereas the factory system’s primary flow path is unrefined without blending of the exhaust. The chambered x-pipe does not restrict flow during blending, maintaining that full diameter through the tips for optimal velocity which manifests itself with great performance results, whether running with other upgraded components or just the exhaust itself.

Simultaneously, eliminating the secondary flow path from the equation keeps residual flow from bleeding out which maintains a bit more sound volume. Repurposing that secondary flow path into a lengthy Helmholtz chamber reduces low-RPM drone to very reasonable levels and provides a complementary design element to work in concert with the primary x-pipe. Even with upgraded headers or catalytic converters, as featured on our development car, it never reaches a level of aggression that is unsuitable for street use.

But as the 991.2 Carrera’s turbocharged engine aims to deliver the best of both worlds in terms of performance and efficiency, the missing piece of the equation was sound as it lacked the distinct character of 911s before it. So we aspired to deliver a no-compromise sound solution that still retained the updated Carrera’s technological advancements.

Our Valved Exhaust System was uniquely developed to produce the scintillating character of our non-valved X-Pipe, while creating a secondary flow path that subdues that sound level for pleasant cruising under the radar. We achieved this improvement on sound level and character with a large-diameter 3” chambered x-pipe to properly blend the exhaust for a smooth, high-pitched tone, and maximize flow for performance potential. With valves open and cycling through the Carrera’s driving modes, the sound profile is rich, robust and dramatic, especially in Sport mode with its pops and burbles.

Even still, it was our objective to create a driving experience at low RPMs and in everyday driving situations that is pleasant, civilized, and anonymous when needed, both inside and outside the car. It was imperative to have a tangible delta in the sound level between driving modes and thus we engineered our secondary flow path to handle this creatively.

Because of the orientation of the factory exhaust and its inlet and outlet pipes, we were not afforded the space to implement a muffler for the secondary flow path, and we understood that restricting tubing diameter would only affect the overall sound level so much. To this end, we maintained the minimal 1.75” tubing diameter that the OEM valves-closed flow path uses but introduced a pair of massive resonators to additionally suppress sound level, smooth out drone, and work against each other to cancel exhaust pulses to further subdue the exhaust note at low RPMs before the PSE programming opens it up at higher revs. Even as sound level is being limited in this condition, overall flow is still improved over the factory muffler, and that dynamic, theatrical sound is still a spin of a dial away.