Autoquest Motorsports Seat Angle Adjusters for Carbon Fiber LWBS


Seat Angle Adjusters are a quick and easy solution to allow for more comfortable driving and better line of sight especially when wearing a helmet with factory Porsche Carbon Fiber Bucket Seats.


  • 918 Spyder
  • 991 911R
  • 991.1/991.2 GT3 and GT3 RS
  • 981 / 718 GT4 / GT4 RS
  • 981 Spyder

Includes two brackets for ONE seat. For both seats, please order two sets.



The Issue

Over a period of a few months after the release of the 981/991 platforms, AQM discovered a common complaint among st clients driving and tracking various cars equipped with the new Carbon Fiber Lightweight Bucket Seats – they were uncomfortable! When wearing a helmet – and even more so when using a HANS device – the issue is that the seat is too upright causing your head to be tilted forward and down. You’re left having to look up slightly to have proper visibility out the front of the car. In addition to being bothersome and uncomfortable, having your neck in this position all day can become rather tiring after a long day at the track.

After doing some research with contacts in the industry, AQM discovered that due to new DOT regulations OE seats are now required to have a minimum distance between your head and the headrest. Vehicle manufacturers get around this and maintain comfort by making the headrest adjustable. Unfortunately with non-adjustable headrests like on the new LWBS, the comfort issue arises and this had led to many complaints.

The Solution

After testing a multitude of different options, AQM settled on a design for a precisely engineered longer / angled pivot arm. The pivot arm is what the seat rotates on that increases and decreases the height of the seat when you push the button to raise or lower it. The AQM pivot arm changes the axis of that pivot and causes the seat to angle back further, raising the front of the seat up about 1.5 inches more and tilting the top of the seat back another 2 inches. You are still able to mount the seat normally without any modifications to the bolts or putting spacers in that could cause any potential change in structural safety. There is no change to any of the seat functions. AQM Seat Angle Adjusters are made from high-tensile steel with a black E-Coat to ensure durability of the material and finish. Expect about an hour installation time per seat which can be completed by a mechanically savvy individual. Just make sure there is no power on in the car so you don’t trigger the air bag lights when you unplug the seats for removal.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with hundreds sold just through initial word of mouth. Not only is visibility and head room now right where it needs to be (even when wearing a helmet and HANS), the angle of the seat is much more supportive and comfortable and full electronic height adjustability is still maintained. They have also proven very popular in the passenger seat as your significant other really appreciates the additional comfort on those long drives. We recommend installing them in both the driver and passenger seats. It will maintain the same aesthetics between the seats, providing the same benefits on track for an instructor/passenger or yourself if you happen to be co-piloting.

Have any questions? Speak to our Porsche Performance Specialist with years of first hand experience at AQM about your specific needs! 

ABOUT AQM:  With decades of Porsche racing experience around the world, Gavin is preparing performance components and race prepping cars to the highest caliber for the discerning enthusiast and track fanatics. Past customers come back to him again and again to “Trust the Kiwi”  because of his encyclopedic knowledge, track credentials, and enthusiasm. SOUL has years of first hand experience using AQM products and stand behind them and their services. 

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