Porsche 911 Carrera G Body Numeric Racing Short Throw Shifters


Eliminate slop in shifting and get a crisp, refined, race inspired shifting experience. Experience a 40% reduction in shifter throw. Numeric Racing’s Shifter is a remarkable upgrade that transforms your driving experience with precision shifting and rifle bolt action engagement.

+   Fits 73-89 Porsche 911 G-body vehicles (with 901/915/930 transmissions)

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Comes With:

  • Numeric Racing Shifter
  • Numeric Racing Maintenance Free Shift Linkage
  • Porsche Replacement Shift Rod Bushing
  • Porsche Replacement Shift Lever Ball Socket (Part #: 91142413900)

Everything needed to completely remove all the slop from your shifting. All motion on the shifter is directly transferred to the transmission.


  • OEM Fitment: A direct swap and fitment from original shifter. Nothing required but a few common use tools.
  • Self Centering: Dual self centering springs (pictured yellow mounts, but will be black in final product). The shifter is centered automatically in the 3-4 plane (915 transmissions) or 2-3 plane (901 transmissions) or 1-2 plane (930 transmissions). No more spaghetti-like shifting or the shifter bouncing around. Multiple spring sizes gives a variety of side to side tension options based on your preference.
  • Throw reduction: Throw reduction of up to 40%. Use of a longer shift knob can increase the throw so it is only reduced by 30% if 40% is too much for preference. No more rowing.
  • Adjustable Reverse Lockout: Does your reverse gear get skimmed even with the stock reverse lockout? Our reverse lockout is adjustable so that it is dialed in perfectly to each car.
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware: All hardware is stainless steel and all aluminum is anodized. Rust won’t be a worry with our shifters. Also, the reverse lockout and the bottom of the shifter is hardened steel for wear resistance.
  • Ball Bearings on Every Moving Axis: We remove all bushings and clips that hold the stock shifter in place and bare metal to metal contact for pivot with ball bearings. This is how we are able to remove all the play from the shifter and provide precise shifts.

Shift Rod Linkage:

  • The ONLY aftermarket shift linkage that is maintenance free that isn’t a U-Joint. Buy and install once, it isn’t fun to keep adjusting this stock linkage every time you swap the bushings.
  • No wear or play that is introduced from wear because we don’t use plastic bushings. Any small play in this linkage is translated directly to the shifter, so get rid of the stock.
  • Directly replaces OEM shift Linkage.

NOTE:  The 2mm Spring option comes with yellow bushings instead of black

ABOUT NUMERIC:  Since 2012, Numeric Racing has been redefining Porsche products for on and off the track! Currently Numeric Racing products are being marketed and sold throughout the world.

SHIPPING:  Each shifter is custom, hand built. Please allow up to 2 business days for processing. Contact us for expedited orders to ensure proper delivery time.



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