Porsche 991 GT3 / GT3 RS / 911R SOUL Center Muffler Bypass Exhaust


The SOUL Center Muffler Bypass increases the invigorating flat-six wail that you love without sacrificing comfort during daily driving – or offers a true track-inspired tone when paired with upgraded headers.

+  Fits all Porsche 991.1 / 991.2  GT3 / GT3 RS models including 911R (2014-2019)
+  Direct bolt-on installation
+  Removes 11 lbs from the rear of the vehicle
+  All Soul Performance Products exhaust systems are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  Soul Performance Products was asked to deliver a exhaust system solution that increases volume and flow without taking the step up to spending thousands of dollars. Retaining the stock side mufflers and valves allows you to control the sound with the factory sport button. This Porsche exhaust also pairs well with upgraded headers for those looking for the ultimate track setup in terms of power and sound – and we back for track use under our Lifetime Warranty! No check engine lights occurred during both development and long-term road testing. 

CONSTRUCTION:  Each system is made from mandrel-bent T304L stainless steel tubing. Mikalor Supra Heavy-Duty W4 Clamps are included to mount the system to the vehicle. Projection welding spots, swinging bridge, high-strength stainless steel bolt and the exclusive design of the captive nut and trunnion offer superior clamping forces and longevity. AccuSeal clamps are included to connect the exhaust to the side mufflers.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each exhaust is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. The Center Muffler Bypass Exhaust is a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust parts with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.


  1. Foreign Automotive

    Fantastic! Can’t imagine driving without it now.

  2. William keeling

    Their exhaust is incredible! The sound is fantastic, no drone what so ever in the cabin. I couldn’t be happier !

  3. Drew Coblitz

    These guys are awesome. I wanted a muffler bypass for my 911R and I’ve always thought the cost of bypass pipes have gotten ridiculous for what they are. I called up Soul Performance and they had one of theirs out to me within the next couple days. The price was incredibly reasonable (almost a third of competitors)…build was great, fit was great and the sound…well the sound is just unreal. I’d recommend them for anything.

  4. Peter

    Everything arrived last week and of course I couldn´t resist to install the new exhaust immediately.

    Fitting was easy, I only had to use all available adjustment range downward to ensure enough clearance to the rear bumper. Doing so, it fits perfectly!

    I´m very happy with the outcome…PSE closesd is still neighbour-friendly, open makes you smile from ear to ear, this is what a GT car should sound like.Sound is amazing and the PSE button gives a wider range than in stock trim. Tame and quiet when you want it. Really inspiring when you need it, never annoying. Very good.

    I found the pricing of some other vendors a bit over the top for some welded pipes, and Soul was less than half the price,so I gave it a try.

    Can´t complain at all, fitting was spot-on, sound is just right for my taste and still neighbour-friendly with PSE off, yet absolutely amazing in open mode.
    Since all center deletes are more or less similar in design and dimensions, I wouldn´t expect huge differences in sound anyway.

    Thank you for doing great business!


  5. Ahsan

    Customer satisfaction is their top priority and is what their business is focused around. They’ve taken care of me and my 991 GT3 on numerous occasions. If there’s one reason to consider Soul’s products, besides the price and value, it’s the fact that they go above and beyond for their customers.

  6. goldberg

    My initial impressions of the new muffler bypass:

    Its absolutely louder. Its a DEEPER tone.
    The transition from Vales closed to valves open is alot more apparent. Where as with the stock muffler it was alot harder to hear the difference.

    There is obviously more resonance within the cabin (that comes with a lounder exhaust)
    But sound is really subjective.

    The overall construction of the exhaust appears to be very nice. I dont know much about welding etc. But the welds do look very nice. Inside the exhaust there are some little gaps between where the two metal surfaces meet. Though i dont think this will affect the performance. There were no gaps on the outside whatsoever.

    I love the finish of the metal. Its very nice. Looks like really really nice quality.

    I do not feel any performance gains ( i didnt expect too by the way- but i was just clarifying for others) I also dont feel any decrease in performance.

  7. Rennlist User

    All i have to say is, anyone who is on the fence about buying this system should fall on the side of buying it.

    When i first installed it, i was dubious about the sound. Not so much the sound of the SOUL CMB, but just an CMB in general.

    They all sounded (the different brands) so similar on the YouTube Videos. But im sure in real life they all have their unique sound.

    This exhaust is bloody fantastic. At lower RPM’s, its a much deeper tone. At idle and driving at lower speeds.

    When you get to higher speeds and up in the rev range, this exhaust absolutely screams. Its really that exotic car sound that we all love.
    Anyone who is considering doing a CMB, GET A SOUL item.
    I did about 2 hours on the motorway in my travels today, and at motorway speed there is no drone (well not any more than was already there with factory Centre Muffler)

    Its not just that i am happy with the product, but the service was really zero fuss too. Professional. Fast. No fuss.
    I just selected the product. Specified the tips i wanted.
    Got a price on powder coating black which i ended up not opting for (price was fine, i just thought i would go with silver to match other parts of the car)
    Even shipping to Australia was very fast.

    I didn’t take any videos today. I hope to take some before Christmas, and i will upload them. But Videos absolutely WILL NOT do this incredible sound any justice.
    Some of us might think the price is too low, therefore it will be a sub par product. Get those thoughts out of your head.
    It is a realistic price for a superior product. It really is.

    At the end of the day its a Muffler Bypass pipe. Its not like its a full exhaust system from headers back etc. Though after my experience with this product, i have no doubt a full system from SOUL will not disappoint.
    Im NOT knocking other brands out there that are at least double the price. How can i? I have never tried or used them, or even heard them in person for that matter.

    But dont ALWAYS think that paying double with get you double the enjoyment. If that makes sense.

    All in all, anyone who is considering a CMB, dont look past this item.

  8. BrntRubber (Rennlist)

    Ok, I have been debating on which full exhaust to buy and have only been enjoying my Porsche’s in stock form for far to long. While awaiting for info on the particle filters in the upcoming cars, I decided to fit a very cost effective Soul center bypass, which I bought from a forum member.

    Let me tell you a simple cost effective center bypass TRANSFORMS this car! This is how it should sound out of the factory! It makes the car a different animal. It matches the character of my touring perfectly.

  9. luv2race (Rennlist)

    Several months ago I was in the market for a center muffler delete and I was trying to decide between some well known options for my 2010 GT3 and the guys at Porsche of The Main Line outside of Philadelphia suggested I try a Soul. I wasn’t familiar but the guys at Main Line said the product was great and other customers were very satisfied. I went with their suggestion and was very happy.

  10. Apex Ace (Rennlist)

    John…. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone. 10 minutes and we were fast friends. John is crazy about Porsches! Shared lots of helpful information with me.
    I installed my Soul side deletes in concert with the Shark Werks center section on Saturday. With the help of my Quick-Lift the installation was easy and straight forward. Start to finish it took me a little over 3 hours. With the bumper cover removed I took my time cleaning and inspecting everything as I was doing this project.
    The sound is amazing…. just what I was hoping it would be. GT3RSR like at WOT. No drone. Valves closed, cruise control set at 72mph…. to quote my wife….. “it’s not any louder than stock”. Under normal driving conditions around town it’s quite a bit louder than stock…. perfect! My driveway leads to my garages and carpark area. Two 3 car garages that oppose each other by 40ft. Cold starts are glorious! I couldn’t be happier with the results.


  11. Matrog (Rennlist)

    The SOUL bypass transforms the exhaust note. Car no longer sounds like a blender. More like a chainsaw on steroids.

  12. Hound Dog

    I’m purchasing one very soon after reading customer comments. Just got a 2018 gt3. Ready to GO!

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