Porsche 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Valved Exhaust System


Our valved X-Pipe Exhaust for the turbocharged 991.2 Carreras uses a full 3-inch primary flow path for maximum performance and sound, with a resonated secondary flow path that suppresses sound level and drone for comfortable cruising with the valves closed.

+  Fits all 991.2 Carrera models with Porsche Sport Exhaust (2017-2019)
+  Weighs 3 lbs / 1.3 kg less than stock (20 lbs vs 23 lbs stock)
+  All SOUL Performance Products components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT:  The 991.2 Carrera aimed to deliver on the best of both worlds, maximizing both efficiency and performance from its turbocharged flat-six. But a missing piece of the equation was sound, as it lacked the distinct character of 911s before it. So we aspired to deliver a no-compromise sound solution that still retained the updated Carrera’s technological advancements.

Our Valved Exhaust System was uniquely developed to produce the scintillating character of our non-valved X-Pipe, while creating a secondary flow path that subdues that sound level for pleasant cruising under the radar. We achieved this improvement on sound level and character with a large-diameter 3” chambered x-pipe to properly blend the exhaust for a smooth, high-pitched tone, and maximize flow for performance potential.

With valves open and cycling through the Carrera’s driving modes, the sound profile is rich, robust and dramatic, especially in Sport mode with its pops and burbles. But even with upgraded headers or catalytic converters, as featured on our development car, it never reaches a level of aggression that is unsuitable for street use.

Even still, it was our objective to create a driving experience at low RPMs and in everyday driving situations that is pleasant, civilized, and anonymous when needed, both inside and outside the car. It was imperative to have a tangible delta in the sound level between driving modes and thus we engineered our secondary flow path to handle this creatively.

Due to the orientation of the factory exhaust and its inlet and outlet pipes, there is not ample space for a muffler for the secondary flow path and restricting tubing diameter would only affect the overall sound level so much. To this end, we maintained the minimal 1.75” tubing diameter that the OEM valves-closed flow path uses but introduced a pair of massive resonators to additionally suppress sound level, smooth out drone, and work against each other to cancel exhaust pulses to further subdue the exhaust note at low RPMs before the PSE programming opens it up at higher revs. Even as sound level is being limited in this condition, overall flow is still improved over the factory muffler and that dynamic, theatrical sound is still a spin of a dial away.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each system is assembled out of thick wall .065″ T304L stainless steel and rigorously quality checked in-house.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each product is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment then foam packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, with all necessary hardware for installation.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any questions or issues that you may have.


  1. Rob (rugu6869 on Rennlist)

    Today is an exciting day! I just picked my car up and drove it in varied conditions for about 1 hour. I have the valved version.
    I had chimed in that my car was used to develop both the valved and non-valved muffler for the 991.2.
    Before we get started, my car already had the Soul Headers and Soul Sport Cats with the stock PSE muffler for about 2-years now. I live about 40 minutes from Soul, so it was pretty easy to get my car to them for the development.
    I also have the Tial intercoolers, Tial inlet pipes, BMC air filter, APR tune.

    Initial start-up impressions: The first time you hear it start up – there’s a difference, big time.
    It sounds angry right away before vacuum builds and the valves close. It is sound that you can feel in your chest. I did chuckle a bit as it gave me a very large smile. It had a presence that I didn’t know was missing.
    Once it came down off high idle and the valves closed – I could still hear it! With my previous setup (stock PSE), when the valves closed, it sounded like it was neutered. Zero sound at all. Frankly, it was a bit embarrassing because even with the headers and sport cats, it was just no sound.
    Now, you can hear it. It’s not obtrusive with the valves closed mind you, you can just hear the exhaust. O
    pen the valves at idle and it sounds so different now. Deep and rich tone. The car sounds like something special.

    Driving Impressions:
    Soul is about 2-miles from the PA Turnpike, which is where I’ll start my impressions because I was able to spend about 30 miles at highway speeds almost immediately.
    Of course the majority of time is spent cruising at highway speeds. I ended up right around 2,100rpms for the majority of the trip. Regardless of which mode you’re in, you hear the car. With the stock PSE muffler, no matter what mode you were in, it was really quiet and tire noise was the majority of the noise I hears (Michelin PS4S). The sound is there. It is does NOT drone. I was in a 2004 CTS-V with a Magnaflow exhaust years ago and will never forget the horrible drone. With this setup, when you’re cruising, you can hear it and have a normal conversation without a problem. Roll onto the throttle and cabin is just enveloped with the beautiful sound of the exhaust. Of course this is all with the windows up. Windows down, wind noise cuts the sound a bit, but you can definitely hear it. I typically drive in Sport+ mode because I prefer the slower throttle ramp and the instantaneous response of the turbos. TBH, there wasn’t a huge difference in sound while cruising between Normal and Sport+ sound. A richer, deeper tone was found in Sport+. Sport mode is another story, Even at highway speeds, you can FEEL the pops. The car just sounds so nasty and like it wants to run.
    All in all, highway driving is just what I was looking for. More sound, no drone, richer tone.

    Jumped off the highway and drove some back roads moving through the rev range and working the gearbox (my car is manual).
    Windows down driving is so much fun. You can definitely hear the car now. You can actually tell it’s loud vs. someone telling you that your car is loud (with the stock PSE muffler). The aural interface with your right foot is just so much fun.
    In Normal Mode – you can hear the tone change from stock. It is louder, obviously, but not too loud. It’s a good balance. Windows up – you hear it everywhere. Again, not obtrusive, just fun.
    In Sport+ Mode – much more of a richer, louder tone. The turbo spool sounds epic and the noise is just so sweet! It gives you more of a feeling like you’re driving and exotic car. Working the gears up and down, rev matching is just so much more fun. This is the mode I’ll continue to drive in most often.
    In Sport Mode – O-M-G!!! The pops are on another level. You can physically feel them in the seat. The entire car sounds so angry and like it wants to rip someone’s head off. The level of sound, even at low speeds is so epic! I drove very slowly through my development in Sport Mode and it sounded so good! I switched to Normal mode and it definitely won’t piss off the neighbors.

    Quality looks very nice as usual. Like I’ve said, I’ve had the Soul Headers and Soul Sport Cats for 2-years and have had zero issues.

    Overall, super stoked that Soul came out with this product. Definitely made a huge difference. I know John is traveling this week, but they want to have something up on their website by next week.
    LMK if you have any questions. Right now, I’m the only one with this.

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