Porsche 991 / 992 Carrera / GT3 Numeric Racing Performance Shifter Cables


It’s a well-known fact that OEM shifter cables will break at some point in time. The question remains, when? We recommend preemptively replacing the OEM shifter cables with the Numeric Racing set to prevent this unfriendly occurrence.

+   Fits all Porsche 991.1 / 991.2 Carrera and GT3 vehicles with manual transmission

  • Stainless steel mounting connectors, increased cable diameter, and aluminum rod ends ensure longevity
  • Enhanced shift connection with less slop
  • Precise, crisp shifting engagement
  • Limited Warranty


Numeric Racing’s Performance Shifter Cables include a wider diameter cable, aluminum rod ends and stainless steel mounting connectors. This assembly greatly improves the overall strength, performance, and durability of the cables. This results in a significant enhancement throughout gear engagement and cable longevity. Most importantly, Numeric Racing Shifter Cables are designed to completely eliminate the excess movement found to be the known culprit of cable breaks.

We had to replace the cables on our 987.2 Cayman R right before a track day weekend which was a major headache.


INSTALLATION:  Requires removing center console, shifter, and working with small hardware. See link to install guide above for full scale of install and hardware required.

ABOUT NUMERIC:  Since 2012, Numeric Racing has been redefining Porsche products for on and off the track! Currently Numeric Racing products are being marketed and sold throughout the world.

SHIPPING:  Usually ships same or next business day – we recommend contacting us to stock check. Contact us for expedited orders to ensure proper delivery time.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS:  The Bulkhead Wrench is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your Numeric Racing Cable install as it reduces installation time – you might be stuck with your interior pulled apart without this solution!




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