Porsche 993 Carrera Sport Catalytic Converter X-Pipe


Enhance power and sound on your 993 Carrera with HJS 200 cell catalytic converters built into a high quality X-pipe section. Unique solutions for the several combinations of flanges (Bischoff and Gillet) and OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles ensure the ECU gets proper O2 sensor readings balanced from all cylinders.


+  Fits all Porsche 993 Carrera models (1994-1998)
+  Added performance and sound without a check engine light
+  Peak power gains of 8 whp and 8 ft-lbs of torque – max gains over 15 whp
+  Weighs 6.55 lbs / 2.9 kg less than the factory exhaust components (17.3 lbs vs 23.85 lbs (Bischoff))
+  Designed and built in-house at our Willow Grove, PA facility
All Soul Performance Products exhaust components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT:  We took a fresh look at the 993 Carrera and how we could craft the best possible exhaust components. Large diameter 2.5″ piping yields max power gains over the factory system and is ideal for engine builds increasing displacement. Our OBD1 variants use a centrally located single O2 bung for the most accurate readings from all cylinders. This leads to consistent, good performance compared to a design compromised system built around both OBD1 and OBD2 – on which one bung would be plugged and one offset O2 sensor would be monitoring primarily from one bank of cylinders.

POWER:  Independent dyno testing and the average of three dyno runs revealed peak gains of 8 WHP and 8 ft-lbs of torque. Max power gains of over 15 whp can be found in the upper midrange to make street driving more pleasurable. Expect gains to be increased with an ECU tune.

HJS CATALYSTS:  We use the highest quality catalytic converters available, known for their industry–leading flow and durability. They are efficient enough to meet strict EURO 3 emission standards while still allowing for an increase in flow while greatly reducing the chance of getting a check engine light. The HJS HF design uses premium double foil winding for exceptional strength and durability.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each exhaust is assembled out of thick-wall 2.5″ diameter .065″ T304L stainless steel and rigorously quality checked in-house. Smooth mandrel bends and thick flanges ensure product longevity. Each component is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each product is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment then foam packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts. New hardware for x-pipe to header flange connection is included.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered for life! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues that you may have. We cover our HJS catalytic converters with an unprecedented 3-year warranty while the pipes themselves are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


  1. Chuck W,

    As I have stated in other post, exhaust sound is very subjective. What one may think sounds great another may dislike. This modification is for those, like me, that like exhaust with some sound to them. On my first 993 cab I had a loud exhaust; V8 loud. I liked it. The only issue I had with it is it masked the Porsche engine note. Still, I enjoyed the noise.

    On my prior 993 turbo I had Fister modify the exhaust. The sound was good, but you can only do so much with the turbos. The whine of the turbos made up for any lack of exhaust note.

    When I got the current cab I sent the exhaust off to Fister to have them modified to level III while the top end was being rebuilt. The cab came from the factory with the motor sound package but to my ear was very tame. The Fister IIIs are great and offered a great sound. But, after some time I was looking for some additional sound.

    After a lot of reading and procrastination I elected to go with the Soul Sport 200-Cat X-Pipe. Being my 993 is a ’95 with a single O2 Sensor I appreciated the fact they constructed it for my car with a centrally located single O2 bung.

    There is always conversation on weight saving and additional power when adding this unit. There may be, but these were not my reason for going with an X Pipe and 200 cell cat. I was only looking for additional sound with a different tone.

    I dealt with John Gaydos at Soul when I ordered the system. He was great to deal with. He patiently answered all of my questions by phone, text and email without delay. He is a great guy. And, the system was sent the day I paid the invoice. Everything was well packed and came with a packing slip listing all of the parts.

    This installation was very straight forward. It is truly a plug and play system. Because the system comes in several parts it is easy to fit and make any adjustments. The clamps are of the highest quality.

    Now it was time to hear my efforts….. and record them. I let it idle while cold and rived the exhaust up into the 2000 RPM range. Great sound I then took my wife for a ride and brought the car up to operating temperature. We then recorded the car driving away and driving by. I shifted in the high 3000 RPM range. There is a pop here and there when shifting which I like. With the top down there is no drone at all! When driving on the freeway the sound in the car is no louder than it was with just the Fister IIIs. If you drive the car with a light foot the sound is very tame. Drive it aggressively at higher RPM and it lets you know its there. The sound reminded me of some of the Porsches that were on the track at Rennsport.

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