Porsche 987.2 / 981 Boxster / Cayman SOUL Bolt-On X-Pipe With Tips


Love the sound of your factory rear exhaust on your Boxster / Cayman but want to change the style of your exhaust tips? Soul Performance Products has an easy-to-install solution to increase aesthetics and tone with a bolt-in X-pipe for the best possible flow with the exhaust tips of your choosing. The cast X-pipe smooths exhaust pulses and lends to a more refined exhaust note.

+  Fits all 987.2 / 981 Porsche Boxster / Cayman vehicles with factory exhaust or Porsche Sport Exhaust / PSE  (2009-2016)
+  Direct bolt-on installation
+  Cast T304L stainless steel X-pipe for maximum durability
+  Choose from a variety of tip styles and finishes – or customize your own!
+  All Soul Performance Products exhaust parts are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use



DEVELOPMENT:  The factory Boxster / Cayman “T” tip section allows for exhaust gasses to crash into each other when coming out of the muffler before exiting the tips. This cost-cutting method creates turbulence and hurts performance. By incorporating a smooth, cast X-pipe into the rear section this allows for a more efficient flow path from the exhaust gases. A small increase in gas mileage during cruising and more power when accelerating aggressively should be expected. The casting of the interior is also smooth, without any protrusions from welds. A proper back purged weld with full penetration will most likely have some material on the backside in the X. Non-cast designs can and have failed at this point due to stress and possibly lack of proper welding techniques. We’ve made a very conscious decision to offer the most durable X solution possible with our customers in mind. We’ve also been using these X-sections with great success on our full line of Boxster / Cayman exhaust systems which are proven to perform (used on the fastest Boxster ever around Watkins Glen), and warrantied to do so on the track for life! Cast components such as this have been proven for years in OEM applications and by an aftermarket performance staple in the industry for intake plenums and throttle bodies, IPD Plenums.

CONSTRUCTION:  A cast T304L stainless steel x-pipe is used for a smooth inner wall and clean “X” section for maximum flow. Choose from a number of single-wall 321 stainless tips (slash cut or straight cut) or chrome double-wall tips in a number of finishes to personalize your exhaust to your liking. Titanium single wall tips are also available and save nearly a pound of weight over stainless steel tips! Each component is rigorously quality-checked, tested in a fixture to guarantee fitment, and then foam packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any questions or issues that you may have.

NOTE: The finish on the satin / brushed single wall stainless steel tips will develop a golden hue over time due to heat.


  1. ZCPSnob

    What really blew me away was the black chrome exhaust tips. I was going to order OEM black tips from Suncoast, but for $200 less I got these with the x-pipe after Mike from Soul PP posted up that he had a set in stock. The quality is most definitely OEM. From the time I ordered to the time they got to my door was 5 days. Packaging was outstanding, using flow-form foam to ensure a tight and precise fit in the box.

  2. David M

    I can distinctly hear a difference in sound, especial with PSE icon in sport mode. It’s difficult to describe, except to say that it sounds “sportier”, which is an unexpected but welcome benefit to my ears.
    It’s a well made product, shipped quickly and securely packaged, and I think it adds a subtle aesthetic and audible upgrade to my Boxster S Limited Edition.

  3. RichardCH

    The sports exhaust on a 981 GTS is pretty much optimal, so I dint want to make it any quieter but I also know from building X pipes for my Ferrari 430’s with Kline Innovation that X pipes can indeed do wonderful things for the sound.

    So 2 hours later, the X pipe is on & I must say I am actually super impressed. The car is louder across the rev range, screams a bit like a GT3 at WoT and looses none of the crackle on overrun. Video to follow. JUST DO IT GUYS, its a very worthwhile mod…

  4. Kuro Neko (Rennlist)

    The Soul 987.2 X-pipe weighs 2.8kg, and the OEM T-pipe weighs 2.4kg. Adding 400g doesn’t really count for me at least, but certainly not a weight saving measure.

    However, on a Cayman S, just the X-pipe does sound damn nice.
    Deeper rumble at idle, and not really louder over the full rev range, but certainly a smoother, deeper note.

    The OEM raspy crackle at redline has been reduced, and a deeper smoother tone added. I also get a few nice pops on high rpm downshifts I did not have before. Recommend mod for sure, plus it looks damn sexy.

    Installation is pretty straight forward, and while a lift would make it easy, you can do with just one jack, axle stand, and removing one wheel.
    Make sure you give most nuts a good soaking with rust penetration oil, or similar, before swinging on them.
    The 17mm on the OEM T-pipe needs a deep socket, and the 13mm on the headers needs at least a uni-joint, or thin drive.

    The balance pipe easily slid aside, and walking the T-pipe up and down, while you wiggle one muffler out seemed to work well for me.
    I put the Soul labels on the bottom to avoid looking like a brand snob.

    Thanks too for the super speedy shipping and overall good communications.
    Not the cheapest option for sure, but the new sound, quality of work, materials, and service make it an easy recommendation…

  5. Chrismalberts (Rennlist)

    Love them. I’ve found a noticeable difference in sound, and of course a 1000% improvement visually on my Cayman 2.7. I installed them around the time I also added Softronic tune and the car is transformed. So transformed that I drove a band new Cayman T the other week and while I love the look/trim/equipment etc. of the Cayman T, it seemed slow, frankly, compared to the tuned 2.7. The midrange turbo oomph I was expecting was barely more than the extra midrange the Softronic provides and the top end just wasnt there.

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