Soul Performance Products Competition T-Shirt


Support SOUL by showing off who enhances your exhaust with a comfortable, performance oriented t-shirt.

Gildan t-shirt made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort
Lets people know you have exquisite taste in exhaust systems
Not your average, cheap, scratchy t-shirt



DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  “How did you guys manage to offer such a comfortable shirt at such low of a price?”, you may ask? We searched long and hard for the softest, most durable shirt available which could properly wear our logo – and then we put our logo on it. Whoever made these shirts must be a magician or an incredibly talented scientist as we’re confident that our shirt is so comfortable it’s like not wearing a shirt, if you stop thinking about the fact that you’re wearing a shirt for a second. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day and soft enough to dry the tears of those who finish behind you, which is definitely where everyone will end up because you’re number one! It may not be true that this t-shirt will make you a better driver, but we believe in you.

CONSTRUCTION:  100% preshrunk cotton, as it should be.

BOLT ON AND GO:  We can’t guarantee these shirts will fit you as you’re so very ripped, so very muscular. As far as fitment goes, they’re not too tight, not too large. These shirts are easy to install, just take off the old crappy shirt from another company that you’re wearing and slip into your SOUL solution where you’ll instantly notice how much cooler you are.

Thank you for your support!


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